15 Conscious security tips for every Nigerian

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5 Responses

  1. lucabracee says:

    this is all very well and good for a middle class or high class nigerian but i dont really see a working class or a family struggling to pay rent in a face me i face you being able to afford these utopian security tips of yours

  2. Toni EghosaKruz says:

    Luca,as regards it being utopian,practicality is achievable if grit,foresight and forethought are always a watchword.

  3. Emeka says:

    These are good ideas. You forgot to add that people should obtain emergency phone numbers and where possible, the phone nos of the police station(s) and their officers nearest to them. They can also try to get the phones nos and Twitter/Facebook accounts of media houses (especially radio stations). Where there is an attack and someone puts it on social media, it helps to trigger a quick response. Useful nos are 767 (in Lagos), 122 (Nationwide emergency number) 08102555581 and 08077446699 (Texts Only – IGP Abubakar). Whether Ur struggling to pay rent or not, Ur security is important.

  4. Freeman David says:

    Thumbs up Ewone! as for the ‘Utopian’ argument, it can only be utopian when you have decide to view your safety as ‘utopia’ so better be late than absent! safety first oh.

  5. wale idowu says:

    I totally agree with all the above submissions except lucabracee’s. His submission only reinforces my belief that widespread misunderstanding of security is the ultimate fuel of insecurity in Nigeria. Thumbs up guys

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