17 things your flight attendant won’t tell you (but you ought to know)

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2 Responses

  1. Chereiy says:

    Hey you writing this really really bad article-ish thing. Just because you’re up in the air doesn’t change the fact that you’re a waitress. Of course your risk of dying in a plane crash is higher than an on-ground waitress. Also that thing about your fake smiles, with tons and tons and tons of make up on your face every damn thing about you is fake. Also please do realize irrespective of not getting paid for delays etc there are a lot of perks idiots like you enjoy. I for one believe good salaries and perks should be taken away from air-stewards because they are not and I repeat are not doing anything great. I would rather give more tips to my local restaurant waitress because at least she isn’t running away form this reality called life. Kids you say? I’m sure God wouldn’t want a person like yourself bearing children. Last but not the least. People like you are goalless morons who want to make money out of nothing. And I dare you to tell me where I should shove my bag that is if you don’t mind being miserably fired unless you have “special” connections. Thanks.

  2. Chereiy says:

    Oh P.S – I am confused if you’re a male or female.

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