19-year-old girl arrested for having sex with 9-year-old boy (PICTURED)

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  1. Ayatollah says:

    OMG! This world cme 2 an end, if nt how cn a 19yr old, hv sex wit 9yr boy, hw wil she feel when he’s diggn her??, 9yr boy x 2 small, why dnt u go and look 4 ur age mate?? Infact even me if u rquest 4 it, i cn satisfy u beyond expectation.. Incase here x my number 07039455454

    • Muhammad Kano says:

      This Ayatollah, you are very bad, may be worse than the indecent lady. How on earth, can you give your number to such an incessant and nasty thing. However, I hope it is your number, not other person’s number! Bad of you and her.

  2. Hauwa Dogara says:

    Very sad news waiyazubillah

  3. mike says:

    guy dat. Person na scam o

  4. oniso Tari j Humble says:

    wat a sad news?may God help d victims.

  5. oniso Tari j Humble says:

    plz d our governments shld stop tricking us by jailing such piple,kill dat pesin dat moment.cuz d pesin may b worst dan dan of Baez.plz am down on my kneels,kill dat so called Baez.tanx

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