20 qualities of men who women find irresistible

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9 Responses

  1. ePapi says:

    That’s a long list.

  2. funmi says:

    Can a man have all these qualities?

  3. Amali says:

    Those qualities cannot work for Nigerian women. They will resist it except you have a very fat bank account.

  4. Money is what any Nigerian lady needs. One actually confessed that the only thing that can excite him in a man is CASH- Can u see? All these qualities are good but minus raw cash, they may not thickle a desperate typicle Nigerian lady.

  5. mosi says:

    dey dnt necessay wrk….a combination of only iz owk

  6. zainab says:

    Nice piece and also true

  7. Ngozika says:

    Great points…thanks for sharing…nice one

  8. Ngozika says:

    I kinda agree with most posters here…your points are nice, but they can hardly work in Nigerian society, reason being that POVERTY and HARDSHIP have destroyed true friendship and love in Nigeria. Everyone needs to cry for Nigeria seriously, too bad.

  9. Tanimu Sunday says:

    whatever qualities a man possessed if you dont have money to back it up..then you will have nothing irresistible to a woman.

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