6 things Christians should just stop saying

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  • Ibukun

    I concur to his first two points, but others I see as his personal opinion. Also, I doubt if this man is truly in Christ, to me, he opined like a Christians who’s not born again.

    • Bakare Rasak

      Well, what of 3 & 6?
      What will be d fate of 2.6b pple in India and China if Jesus is d only way? Could God have created those b4 and after Jesus to be used as fuel for hell in those 2 countries?
      We need to be more open with d way we look at religion , it is d same funny way BH are looking at carnage they are committing and thinking and believing that they are going to heaven bc somebody interpreted Quran so.
      Secondly, does this world begins at genesis?

      • Ibukun

        I only concurred to his claim that the Bible suffered greatly in translation and that Christians have different interpretation of the Holy scriptures. Jesus said “the Comforter who I will send will guide you into all truth and show u things to come, he will bring everything to ur remembrance. He told his disciples that ” unto you is given to know the mysteries of the Kingdom, but to those without, it’s like a parable”. It therefore means that the Holy Spirit in a believer is what empowers him believer to make correct interpretation of the Holy scriptures. Also, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven!!!

  • Bakare Rasak

    Though not a Christian but found it interesting and informing.write up like this’ll clear some our extremism and religio-centrics.

  • http://@tok2benny Benny

    Why should i believe what you wrote above what the church believes when you do not have a history and your own future is uncertain?

    • fagoyinbo olabisi

      Thank you. You’re so on point.

  • Chukwu jnr.

    I pity d writer of ds article cos he is outrightly condemin God and wat d bible represents – DIVINE TRUTH” most tns he wrote abt ar blasphemous. i pity both u and whoeva concurs 2 al these whc u’ve written

  • http://Death Death

    ES TEE EF YOU =]

  • Ade

    This was copied from the Nairaland ‘Atheists’ website… All his points are wrong and the piece is simply an heresy!

  • fagoyinbo olabisi

    You my friend are not Christian. N you really should read (yes read from the same bible) revelations 22:18 n 19. I pray you don’t lead people astray with your gibberish. Again. You are not Christian. No one goes to the father except through Jesus. No one prays to the father except through Jesus. No one gets to heaven except with belief in the son. JESUS! Now cry all u want. I believe in JESUS and I belief the holy spirit is the best interpreter of the bible. You’re either doing the work of the anti christ before he comes (yes anti christ like tim lahaye said) or u’r just looking for cheap publicity. Frankly I think its the latter cos I don’t think the devil will wanna use a dummy as he tool. N yes when JESUS does come, you my friend better have repented or you’z gonna go to hell. *tongue out*

  • Williamson williams

    Nawa o… D writer is a saddist, please give him zobo to drink…..lame!!!. Mtchew

  • atoloye fola

    In the discourse of the religion of Christ, one has to be careful especially ds last days. The writer says his son says ‘once d old folks are gone, the young ones will establish sodomy, corruption and grand orgy on the world'(paraphrasing). Why not, check 2nd Timothy 3:1-5, the bible is a complete word of God, even in its incomplete nature, it finds completeness. God will not bend His rules for men cos of the invent of computer, he hates lies, theft, adultery, sodomy, murder, fornication and so many more. He is explicit in d bible how a christian must live, so trying to share ur views (which I feel are actually intended to lead astray) with no germaine bases is ludicrous. And Jesus remains the only way to the Father, it sounds undemocratic but sorry, God didn’t seek ur opinion during creation.

    • Ibukun

      Please, tell them!