65 Nigerians deported from UK, Spain arrive Lagos [Updated]

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7 Responses

  1. Innocent Ita says:

    Sad story 4 nigerianz.

  2. salisu ibrahim says:

    This is a picture of muslim pilgrims cueing to enter plane. See them in their hajj uniform, one of them is even wearing his haram.
    You better go and look for the picture of deportees. I am sure it will be a mixture of nigerian ethnics, not purely northerners. You will beleive me that northerners are not much in the countries you are talking about. Pls be just and fair.

  3. * says:

    Is this the correct picture of the deportees? Pls get your facts right.

  4. Kofi Manani says:

    Brits are too racist!

  5. salisu ibrahim says:

    Than you for putting the right picture now!

  6. jkdjdss says:

    This picture was taken by a friend, these are not Nigerians. They are refugees in Northern Mali. But am not disputing the fact that Nigerians were deported anyway, just that the picture doesn’t match.

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