9 rules for stronger male bedroom performance

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2 Responses

  1. Dis is one of d most absurd,uninteresting article I ever read.D person who posted it shuld hv dared 2 read it first.I didnt go beyond d first paragraph.Poor write-up.Made lil sense nd understanding.Very bad writer.U hv not communicated if ur readers do not understand wat u are saying.Too technical.Too medical.D basic rule is toning it dwn as simple as possible.Both d writer nd d poster failed in doing dis.Very poor.D only thn dat mks sense here is d headline.Catchy as it is,dat is all.Shame.Delete my comment if u wish.

  2. Dave says:

    Onuoha, dis article is ok na. U want make dem sing twinkle twinkle little star inside before U go understand am? U didn’t go past d first paragraph and U are complaining. I advice U go and read it again dis time with ur mind on it.

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