A resounding NO! Man gets slapped after proposing to woman in public (PHOTOS)

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11 Responses

  1. Pepstar says:

    my gf no fit tryam? Who bornam. I go slap her bak

  2. Olajide oluwayomi says:

    It is unfuntionate, the lady should be except the reward of what she had done. I pity the man

  3. ARUWE says:

    hey yeah dat girl must be moron honestly if I were to be the man I would have beat her mercilessly does dat mean the lady is saints

  4. kratos says:

    Funny as it seems u can’t help but feel for the guy….well, at least he tried….smh

  5. I think this is a blessing in disguise for the man. To marry this kind of woman, na real wahala all the time.

  6. lexy says:

    The story is not complete na. The slap could mean ” why did u wait this long to propose ? ! “….or ” where have u been all these while, mr right ?! “….

  7. hola says:

    thats too aggressive and too rude

  8. hola says:

    thats too aggressive and too rude,if its me a go wozz her back

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