Abigail Anaba: Variety in one (Y! Superblogger)

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4 Responses

  1. @collinsuma says:


  2. HaroldWrites says:

    One word:Beautiful. Another word:Insightful. Yet another word:Thought-provoking.
    Every man should have a woman like this.

  3. Uwaodefa says:

    Wow! That’s the word! OMG! She talked about sex and yet didn’t leave you feeling dirty especially with the food euphemism! Great piece of writing!
    I’m embarrassed to say I could only recognise 2 of the styles! Only 2! The usual doggy & missionary! I need to do research especially since I’m about to get married! Thanks Y! and Abigail!

  4. Lerato says:

    Great advice, so thank you.

    How about dishing out something guys can chew on as regards their ladies…and not just a line or two. Way too many articles target the woman only. A lot of guys may not know what “dating her after marriage ” entails. How many techniques do guys know that please the woman? As you are aware, many guys hardly have time to read all the books that could offer advice and a lot do not just read.

    Many resort to gifts in cash or kind, though very nice, that REPLACE beautiful emotional moments like holding hands, giving an unexpected hug, sincere and spontaneous compliments, lending a helping hand when things get chaotic, just to name a few….

    It takes two to spice up a marriage…

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