YNaija.com, which has emerged as one of the most influential and popular online platforms in the country, has unveiled its first ever ad campaign – emphasising its leading identity as “The Internet Newspaper for Young Nigerians.”

“We’ve very excited to crystallise the character and focus of the brand with this attractive new campaign,” said it’s managing editor. “YNaija.com has succeeded in presenting to young Nigerians and the larger population a one-stop shop for news and opinion, entertainment and lifestyle – and that’s responsible for its sustained and phenomenal growth over the past year. We’re rearing to go!

The copy for the ads tell the story of what YNaija.com is, and where it intends to go – as a broadsheet with sections driving the varying interests of its readers, a focus beyond the local to the international, and going beyond a media platform to creating a vibrant, global community.

“We are focused on presenting ideas, issues and culture; committed to the Y! vision of provoking thought, inspiring action and stimulating growth,” the managing editor said. “And we take seriously our job of framing the issues and driving the conversation for young Nigerians, from the mundane to the sublime.

“Indeed we are as excited and authoritative getting the scoop on the corruption in the oil industry and the inside detail of the CPC-ACN-ANPP merger, as we are about the highlights of our pop culture and what Genevieve Nnaji is getting up to in Vegas!”
YNaija.com also serves as the expansive online park for the Y! brands, which include Y! TV (#Rubbin’ Minds), Y! Magazine, Y! Radio (#IAmNigeria), Y! events (#Hashtag, The Annual Black Ball), and Teen Y!