Adebola Rayo: On dealing with mental illness (30 Days, 30 Voices)

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11 Responses

  1. mamamia says:

    Wow! This is very inspiring. Well done Rayo and I wish you the best. Glad to know that you’ve indentified your triggers and done away with people who don’t understand you. Take it one day at a time, that’s all you need do.

  2. ken says:

    Interesting article. Everyone needs to go for psychological or psycho-mental examination, including yours truly. I used to believe in myself alot until I got duped in a business transaction. Since then, the dream of being my own boss someday is slowly slipping away from me, not because I dont have the resources and opportunity, but because something in me is dying… the belief that I can do it.

  3. Tomilade says:

    Debola dear, tis well wt u. So glad U’ve got d courage to put ds up n deal wt it. Face it squarely dear, God is on ur side.
    I’ve always wanted to read a piece by u made public. Nice one dear, Veryeducative piece!

  4. Idara says:

    Bravo!!! It is really about time that mental health issues are dealt with in Nigeria. It should also be pointed out that the stigma of psychiatry and everything that is mental health not only affects those that suffer from mental illnes, but also those that work in this field.
    I really wish you all the best… We need more people like you who will be courageous, create awareness and break down the barriers that are stopping so many from seeking professional help.

  5. adewunmi Oshodi Tapa says:

    Well! I would like to interview you on the 16th of February. Kindly send me your email address to 08069745260.
    We have got a date with destiny.

    Well said.

  6. laolu says:

    I am here, if you just wanna talk.

  7. OmogeNaija says:

    Hello Rayo, you are such a good wriiter, though wordy, I followed it to the end.
    I’d like to volunteer a few hours in a week to working with the mentally ill to help them get better, what do you think I should do? Please send me an email, let’s talk.
    Thank you!

  8. Myne Whitman says:

    Only to say well done, hugs, and I love you. #nohomo :)

  9. Olajumoke says:

    I’m happy for you. I wish you increased resourcefulness in coping and trust you’ll have more opportunities to create awareness about mental illness in Nigeria.
    As a counselor I have a challenge identifying practitioners for referral to clients who do not want to go direct to a mental hospital for the reasons you highlighted above.

  10. Shade says:

    God will continue to bless your boyfriend. He is surely heaven sent. God will bless your family and closest friends too.

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