Aderonke Adebanjo: What women find attractive

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  1. Franklyn Davids says:

    Well, I guess we both live in different countries or peharps the ladies you surved weren’t being honest. Which is common place in Nigerian society. The sad truth is that most (chosed my words carefully) nigeria women are for sale. The wealthier the man the more beautiful the woman. More like, the more karat in the gold the more expensive the gold. Those traditional values of Morals, Respect, Love, Compassion, kindness ( not necessary in the financial sence) and even Intelligence(not necessary of the academic type) seem to count for little this days. I have worked hard for what I have today, I would gladly give all of it away in exchange for a true relationship with a nigeria woman who see my other qualities rather than my financial strenghts .For this reasons, I would almost never marry a nigerian woman. Even if I was to give her all my wealth she will still want more.

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