Album Review: Shall we say the truth about Don Jazzy’s ‘Solar Plexus’?

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  • Bobo

    I agree with you on the good beats and weak lyrics.. But Chocolate, YOLO, and Take Banana will be long time club bangers Chocolate cos of the beat, YOLO cos of the lyrics (it appeals to the average naijan student n upcoming youth).I thot I was the only one dat noticed Tiwa was sounding like D’banj on that track. That not withstanding we should let the split go…. It has happened both parties took decisions dat were best for them.. Let’s just enjoy d music dey both come up with to help distract us from our on week one trouble naija…

  • http://Website Pearl

    oh my! i’ve argued with so many pile on this same issue.

    Thanks…that album is BAD!!! Geez.

  • DJ Buchi Steve

    The truth is, these guys were a tight combo. But, they have gone separated ways and everyone’s importance to the setup is now better appreciated. What you wrote above about this album is the same stuff i have to say about D’banj’s ‘Go Down’. I agree that Solar Plexus was not the banger everyone expected but then, lets give Mavin a chance. Peace.

  • godwin

    Pls don’t b biased abot Don Jazzy’s new album. Weda dbanj is ther or not, don jazzy is stil a prolific and talented producer. Nobodyy is indispensable. D albumn jus got released, it wl make waves and win awards. Stop making it fill like without dbanj, music can’t go on for d donjazzy’s music group. Dbanj isn’t an all in all. He definitely wouldn’t hav risen without d support of. His colleagues like Wande Coal, Dr Sid and d rest.
    A lot of sharing of ideas go on during recording sessions
    Let’s giv d album a chance, it wl break records

  • gbemi

    Oh finally,I tot I was in a bad mood when I listened to d album and felt like I bought fake! Lol. Let’s be honest that album isn’t all that

  • Valerie

    I haven’t listened to the album but I’ve heard many negative comments, also Tiwa wasn’t the normal bubbly Tiwa I know in O ma ga. That song is very flat IMO, its doesn’t make anyone want to get up and dance like Love Me and Kele Kele love do. That said, Dbanj should pls let Oliver Twist rest (a donjazzy production btw) the guy has squeezed that song and milked it of every single kobo! Dbanj please we want to hear you without Donjazzy, but wait, if the crap called Go Down is the kind of music you’re going to foist on us, then pls don’t even bother! OMG Go Down is the crappiest crap I’ve ever heard.

  • scot

    Remarkable! The first Y!Naija article I’m reading that already has more than one comment. I’m guessing the writer knew this would happen :) nonetheless, this was a well written article and I agree because I can barely remember what any of the songs in that album sounds like right now, not even Tiwa’s oma ga, which seemed to be a personal favourite in the first few days of release. To think that was barely three weeks ago..

  • noomy

    Omooo. Me I like it ooo. Forget plenty plenty grammer

  • musiclover

    I remember when I first heard Tiwa’s ‘o ma ga o’. My jaw went slack for the entire duration of the song. That song was…is a disaster! I couldn’t tell if she was rapping or singing. I was even more pissed off that she AGREED to sing that song after showing us how i

  • mcAK47

    Solar Plexus in one word: RUSHED!!!
    Only D’Prince came out looking good.
    Mavin Records artistes & all Naija musicians obviously need Professional song writers (like their colleagues abroad have).
    If Don Jazzy had “cooked” the songs on this album for 2 months, the final output would’ve been much better!
    No Comments on Dapo Oyebanjo.

    Good Article!

  • ayo

    Lol. Tiwa :( from best music school in the world to razz music? Don jazzy y evil nau?? U just wan razz my sweet voice Tiwa :(

  • http://Website elkano

    I totally disagree with certain comments here,Most album have the good and weak tracks on them but solar plexus is far from being a failure.Banana is a club banger any day,chocolate production is solid,wande se mri is also a club banger and don,t forget that a track can sale an album.We can understand the pressure in releasing the album but they deserve more than negative comments even though constructive criticism shape people future in a positive direction but music they say sink into us with time,solar plexus is a success as most of the tracks are already tearing down club houses in united kingdom weekend in and out.But for dbanj i still wish him success.God bless them all.

  • Norzik

    Given d very short time in which d album was done, its not too bad. i think ur negative opinion on it was harsh & 2 d extreme. As 4 dbanj’s absence, they both had d chance to rejoin but obviously chose 2 part ways. Both teams shd work 2 prove their individ strenghts.

  • Writer

    Great piece Hauwa. Who’re u? Well written. Thumbs up!