Analysis: The GEJ interview and the Boko Haram misconception

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2 Responses

  1. Adeoa says:

    The Nigerian preaident needs to tell us who his mentor is. If none, then I really don’t wonder anymore why he does things the way he does. Remember the all too well knowm definition of insanity?

    Funds for generators for foreign embassies in countries with steady power supply? Seriously? At what point do we as citizens sit our reps down and send messages back to those we put in there & let them know that when they fail us we will take them out of the equation!

    This government are a shameless bunch and no plans to change. None of them qualifies to return. NONE!

  2. Musa says:

    This is a President who does not understand the situation Nigerians are in. He does not listen to good advises, he does not learn from his past mistakes. He keep defending every wrong his government does. He does not accept even good criticism. He only want to have his way and nobody should tell him the truth. If we have such a leader what do you expect? Disconnect of course. The only thing Nigerians need do is to pray for him to do what he is supposed to do as a President. Although it is not from him but the party (PDP) which is a collection of selfish individuals who don’t care about any other Nigerian except them and their immediate family members. More hardship coming Nigerians way, but prayers can avert the situation. My Almighty God protect and see us through, and deliver us from the evil of the PDP amin

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