ASUU strike update: FG reveals it has now paid N200 billion for striking Union

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  • cas igbokwe

    na lie. government should not be believed until there is concrete paper evidence

  • Dr Obinna Ekwunife, Unizik

    Well done ASUU. We have already won this battle. Government is trying to save face. But they must sign that agreement before we call off the strike. Enough is enough.

  • sunny

    If I am Mr President I will publicly sacrifice my salaries and security votes (and plead that all well meaning Nigerians both politicians and business men join me willingly )for one year…collect it as a loan from the nation’s treasury and pay ASUU within 24hrs and ensure within 48hrs schools resume…calm all ASUU nerves! then go into serious mopping and monitoring of lecturers activity and sack immediately any lectures (from professor to lecturer1) who comes to work any time later than 8am; send EFCC to dig out their old cupboard for corrupt practices; employ intelligent supervisors to monitor the quality of their lectures; their relationship with students; their qualifications…any little mistake…no panel…but straight sack followed by immediate advert for replacement. I mean people don’t know how to create eternal wave ( make impact forever)… If I was Mr President…I will not wait for 2015 to take the driving seat in Nigeria…for God sake I am the president COFRN of Nigeria… In leadership never take the sympathetic seat…No body is ready to sympathize with you sir…pilots Drive they don’t drawn…Seat up sir …I LUV YOU ( feedback if you care

    • mgowa

      Na your own job creation strategy be that. ride on. so easy. jo

  • Benjamin Agu

    If the so called ASUU’s new demand is implied to have been taken care of in the 13hrs marathon meeting with GEJ,what then prevents the FG from payiing them their 5months salary and signing the agreement as requested by ASUU.The truth is that the children of the politicians are all schooling outside Nigeria and that’s why they can afford to play politics with the future of the Nigerian stds otherwise they shld have solved the problems b/4 now. Iam a student in Ghana and many of them are here in Ghana living very flamboyant life.

  • mgowa

    these politicians are not trustworthy. If they have paid money they should document it and communicate formally to ASUU, not by mere talk. After they will deny that they did not say so, when the money will not be found in the so called CBN account.

  • Michael

    if truly govt has done this, then it is commendable but this can easily
    be communicated to ASUU formally inform of writing as a reply to its
    letter to FG. Then FG should just call a brief meeting between itself
    and ASUU to sign the new MoU. I think within1 or 2 days, I beleive ASUU
    will call-off the strike. This is our country, we do not have any other
    place than this. Let’s do all we can do to make it better. God bless

  • taram okoto

    What in heavens name is wrong with assu, are they crazy or what, what u are doing is just heartless, don’t go around deceiving urself dat u are doing it for the benefit of students becos u are doing it for Ur own selfish interests, money has been givengiven to u but yet, u still require Ur 4 month salaries, without considering the state of mind of the students, or their condition…look the only reason u are doing dis is becos Ur own children don’t attend any of thus universities…and they are probably in private universities, or out of the country….have u no heart, no conscience…this is very wicked…why can’t u call off the strike and still go on with Ur salary demands so students can write exams…I for one am very tired of this stupid and senseless strike…I wanna return to school…my family is giving me hell…so pls…consider us and call off this strike