Atom Lim: The challenges of building a new mega party (Y! Politico)

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3 Responses

  1. kevin says:

    You see this kind of articles & nobody comments you surely know that Nigeria is doomed. What are you people reading for God’s sake? Linda Ikeji?! *smh…. Atom hits an ace with this one!

  2. This article is on point. . . However, I have a different view about imposition of candidate. Fashola, Akpabio, Amaechi were imposed, yet they performed. The problem is that no one engages d government from within d party and not enough engagement from d society. That’s why we have produced a GEJ. The merger is not an end, it’s only a means to providing a strong alternative. We hope they learn from their pasts

  3. MuSTAPHA says:

    Adelabu, the fact that few who were imposed are performing does not mean it is acceptable. Out of 36 governors, you were only able to mention 3 that are performing. That is not to say that every governor was imposed, but we need to “strike-out” the Nigerian mentality in us.

    Atom is on point. PDP Presidential Primaries were televised and even if there are allegations of any kind, it was clear that the winner was not determined before time. Currently, the PDP has few or no Godfathers and you cannot point at one MAN and say he is in control. Every body knows that BUHARI controls CPC and TINUBU controls ACN. The problem with Nigeria is not PDP, it is not only the politicians even.

    If you know what goes on in the different Government Ministries, you will find out that it is civil servants like you and I normal Nigerians, who have been there for 20 years and more that frustrate the efforts of the government and ministers by their laziness and corrupt attitude to work.

    Just take the police colleges for instance; money will be released and it will disappear… and you want GEJ to turn to a magician and find it?

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