Ayo Olukotun : What does President Jonathan read?

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  1. Oseiwe Ibhagui says:

    A lot of you people just pay dues to reading. It is not by force. If you don’t read, you’re not it. Don’t let people abuse our love for finding out information from books as from so many other sources by claiming a ridiculous “reading list” that does not reflect in their conduct, just as they’ve done with academic degrees.

    I don’t want to take you on on a number of points you raised but please just look at your Ph.D president read a speech; it is ridiculous! He is not an intellectual. Intellectualism is an attitude and he doesn’t have it. I’m sorry but look at who he volunteered to spend the rest of his life with. It says a lot about who you are who you choose to spend your life with. Abeg jo!

    This is brought to you by me an illiterate (sorry)


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