Aziza Uko: Back-to-sender doctrine is anti-Christ (Y! Superblogger)

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5 Responses

  1. Madam, you made my day with ythis back to sender article. Few years back when I became converted yto christian, there was this churchj I was attending then, this by fire by thunder prayer was raised on the altar and the congeregation was praying the points but a pastor observed that I was not praying and asked me why? I replied that the my spirit did not agree with that fortm of prayer. I learn’t from one white garment church pastor preaching on the radio that said all those destroy them prayer said by david are not prayers for good christian,that as you turn war on people that does not harm youi,the effect of those prayers return back to the person.

  2. afe says:

    This is a great piece… I wonder why Christians are busy trying to kill devils and demons.. Even Christ didn’t kill them. He only defeated them n gave Ʈђξ victory †̥ us.. All we have to do is take this dominion, walk in it and believe it and no harm by any means come near us.. Thank u for Ʈђξ insight… I hope we get †̥ learn n change cos i observe that many of us-christians always see any message that differs from d one we were brought up as “watered-down-new-generation-christianity”.. Ʈђξ WORD is there for all.. Let’s go back for insights.

  3. uk says:

    It is not easy.Please enlighten me further. There are deaths that you aptly realise are human-made.I still recall a funeral where a man came to boast that if the deceased’s siblings did nothing for him,he would continue to kill them as he has done to this one. If not for anything,the guy is out to kill,though not through physical means.if you were one of the siblings,what would your prayer point be?
    On forgiveness,i think it has to do with the past.what of those offending you in the present?do you wait for them to be done offending you so that you would just forgive. Remember we are I said,please enlighten me.

  4. Oseiwe Ibhagui says:

    Ah, you Neva see anything. I saw “back to sender” soap at Cherubim and Seraphim church ordination festivities the other day.

    You guys have to get a life. You are all a product of the Nigerian and Third World mentality where all must be explained in terms of religion and a God but the simple truth is that there is no form of human progress, not even the invention of the paper on which you write your religious book, that was made as a product of religion. It is cold hard observation and scientific progress that is responsible for the modern world we enjoy today, which often is made against the doctrine of religion. Go and read up something about Copernicus, and even Galileo.

    Try for once to explain day-to-day life and all you see and read about without an active God or religion and you would see it can be perfectly explained. It is all an interplay of cause and effect. It is the very religion that makes the explanation of ordinary events difficult to understand.

    By the way, in Nigeria, religion is the very reason why we’re backward and accelerating backwards even more. The reason why some of the very good minds here still rely on religion to explain so many things is because they’ve been indoctrinated from birth to think that way and have spent all their life working to become great economists, doctors, or whatever from which they get their fame; they have never employed their minds to rationally reassess their fundamental beliefs.

    I’m sorry for all of you. But then I know that’s exactly what you’ll say to me, because I’ve been told so much already.


  5. mk says:

    Thank you madam for the massage may God reward you as continue 2 do his word and give u his grace and mercy aboundantly.I find it difficult 2 go 2 many churches bcos of dis prayer, I resmain silence wen ever such prayer topic is offered. christ is our choice we wil do d best in followin his footh step

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