#BBATheChase: Nigeria’s Beverly Osu and Angelo go ALL THE WAY in steamy bathtub session (VIEWER DISCRETION)

Beverly Osu bathtub Angelo

by Akan Ido

Big Brother Housemates, Nigeria’s Beverly Osu and South African, Angelo seem to have taken their romance to a new level as both of them were spotted frolicking in a bathtub.

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Both of them have never hidden their admiration for each other graduating from passionate kissing a few weeks ago to a more risque session under the sheets… and then this.

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What do you think about the Nigerian representative in the BBA The Chase House, does she stand a chance of winning the continental competition? Let’s have your say.

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See another photo of the lovebirds below:

Beverly Osu Angelo sex


– Watch the video below.

WARNING: Viewer discretion strictly advised.

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  • rotim says:

    What do u expect of a self-confessed big time prostitute? Beverly’s is a show of shame & disgrace to womanhood! It is also throwing discetion expected of matured people to d winds. This could further deggenerate d already grounded moral discipline among our yourth. The BBA organisers should include high moral standard among d rules to be observed by d housemates.

  • nickiss ekan says:

    Beverly is a gul who feels dat life is full of doing things u can do best just to b on top. But she got it all wrong bcos her act is a total disgrace to herself , womanwood n entire humanity.

  • Laker s says:

    This show of shame. The west will continue to underdevelope africa untill will refuse the immoral culture foisted on us in d name of civilisation n freedom, if they mean well for the black people they sponsor youth ICT, Science competition and technological creativity amongst other things. I make to say non of d developed world today engaged in this kind of social menance during d time of their struggle to industrlisation n development.

  • this is an open scandal "kiss and tell" acting a blue firm will b more glamorous because d dollars from there is more certain.

  • Jozi says:

    I will rather spend waste my time wasting fighting rams rather than your useless BBA whatever…

  • Imomoh Joseph Loveth says:

    Bigbrother is becoming something else now wat a mess,

  • Imomoh Joseph Loveth says:

    Bigbrother is becoming something else now wat a mess,

  • Mr Spector says:

    fO̶̷̩̥̊͡Я christ’s sahe!!hw does BBA contributes to youth development in Africa?this is a show of shame of the highest order.

  • ogbole johnson says:

    Africa will not get there if we continue to copy everything from the west. It kills our originality.development that is sustainable comes from culture of the people, if we continue wt programm like BBA we are entertaining the west who are developed and underdeveloped Africa’s creativity in science and technology that we are in dear need. Africa, this is not time to mixe work with pleasure!

  • pls wats dis BBA about cus i dont seem to get it!is it a sex show or wat?

  • Lali says:

    Its time we protest this programme by stopping patronage of multichoice!!! We are partly responsible.

  • Shameful. This is nothing but pornography. Animalistic tendency

  • Ibi it Aye bati ba eni leyan ti je

  • joseph says:

    may i ask..would it still be a “disgrace” if a male Nigerian housemate had sex with another female housemate?

  • She is disgrace to Nigeria.. time to vote her out…

  • williams says:

    this na waa oh… Well sha, e get y….

  • Clara T Ndimande says:

    Kareno and beverly dey suck.

  • Meenn… Dis is immorality in highest order.DAT girl is a disgrace 2 humanity besides dat bigbrother of a show makes no sense 2 me.GOD HV MERCY

  • j says:

    Funny d way ppl talk Ąπϑ react to stuff…..first of all wat some of you do behind close doors is worst than wat she did, ♈̷̴̩‎ε̲̣̣̣̥α̲̅! She had sex on national TV so fuckn wa….t, some of yo do same tin Ąπϑ post on twitter, youtube or send tru  so wat d different between Ʊ n bev? For those daa said BBA shoul b scrap or watever d channel is on request. if Ʊ have any moral shit about it y request 4 d channel…Ʊ ppl self haahahan she is doin that 300k dollar while some of Ʊ do it 4 5k per night or shag..who is better…..#tongue out

  • RumeRhymes says:


  • oscar says:

    Hmmmmm, y criticize her & call her names wen we all r guilty of same action? Is it bcos she is doing it on air? If its so disgusting hw come all d pple dat commented took out time 2 watch? Stop calling her names cos she is human & living her life unlike d pple who call her names & end up under d sheet of sm1 else. Cast d 1st stone if u hv nvr done worst. Abeg free her & if it irritate u den stop watching BBA cos dats wat most of u viewers look out for is wat u r getting so free her.

    • vallary says:

      Is not suck,and it as doesn’t signify it an irrational behaviour or disgusting either,they made sex doesn’t me the whole world we turn upside down for that,it just shit that it could be cover and broadcasted,don’t you make sex,u weren’t been covered that’s why. am not commenting on your shit(winks) they has done that for 2 or more reason,she wasn’t raped so why the broadcast all about.

  • Teju says:

    First, its no fault of multichoice, cs nobody is under any obligation to watch it. U can choose what channel to watch nd what not to watch
    Second, BBA is rated 18+, meaning for mature people only, the onus Is on the mature people in the house to make sure the young children and kids don’t watch it.
    Third, beverly nd angelo need help, esp beverly, cs she’s a Nigerian! How horny can she get, that she can’t do without sex for 90days??. Whts gives her the assurance what’s is btw herself nd angelo is going to leave the four walls of biggie’s house. Angelo s an agbaya tho…on international tv. And I can imagine if beverly’s family was watching her do that, how will her mom feel
    Lastly, I know she dint do too well, but let’s not be quick to castigate her. She’s still a Nigerian..:)

  • Bev is a disgrase to her mother and her state. I don't think she observerd that camera is every where in big brother house, infact I don't like Beverly Osu, she is too too lose and I think is due to her upbring. She even said her mum like her behaviour in the Big Brother House. She and her mother is bird of thesame feather that always flock together.

  • Error.com says:

    BBA is a platform for encouraging laziness among youths.How can you pay three hundred thousand dollars to somebody just for sleeping, eating and lazying about for 3 months?!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Jackson Ireyefoju says:

    life is about rational choice. if it’s. their choice to tangle publicly so be it. I wish them the best of luck.

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