Police save ‘hermaphrodite’ pastor stripped naked in Sapele from mob attack (PICTURED – GRAPHIC)



by Akan Ido

Yes, we are as baffled as you are. This unidentified middle-aged man was reportedly held hostage by a mob last Wednesday for possessing male and female organs.

He was said to be at the point of being lynched when security agents arrived and spirited him away from the location near a filling station at the Sapele-Warri/New Road junction, Delta State to a police station for protective custody.

Some people in the crowd say the man, who has deep masculine voice, is an hermaphrodite but the question is if that warrants the treatment he reportedly got.

According to reports, the victim identified himself as Pastor Henry Enuta at the Sapele Police Area Office.

He did not however explain how he ended up at the location and who or why he was left naked.

The DPO of the Sapele Police Station, CSP Kenneth Akubue confirmed the rescue.

He was described as appearing quite embarrassed.

Let’s hear what you think.

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