Police save ‘hermaphrodite’ pastor stripped naked in Sapele from mob attack (PICTURED – GRAPHIC)

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  1. uche says:

    Remember us in all ur water services, such as borehole drilling, water treatment, geophysical survey, water quality auditing, soil test, water reticulation, project management, environmental impact assessment, geological services, etc.

  2. ikemba says:


  3. He that is without sin should cast the first stone.

  4. How was he caught? Was being an hermaphrodite the only reason they wanted to lynched hiim was he impersonating in anyway….how do we contribute if its only part of the story is been told. Being an hermaphrodite is not a sin nor a curse its an abnormalty

  5. Joy Nilsen says:

    What sin has he committed in the first place?Am ashamed of most nigerians who are so ignorant and act stupidly without knowledge.Wake up people and stop fooling yourselves on social network .This is just a malfuntion of the organs and nothing juju about this nonsense embarrassing the poor man for nothing! When there are better things you guys should be doing with your time,,Rubbish.

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