Who’s ready for the end of Desperate Housewives?

It’s time for one last block party on Wisteria Lane. We’ve been through so much with our Desperate Housewives over eight madcap seasons.

That turns out to be both a good and a bad thing as Sunday’s two-hour series finale approaches.

The show was such a bold and unique amalgam of drama, mystery, and subversive comedy when it debuted in 2004. The way that Marc Cherry’s creation adhered to and exploded the soap-opera genre made Housewives an instant sensation.

The debut was watched by 21 million viewers, the season finale by 30 million.

The core four — Lynette (Felicity Huffman), Bree (Marcia Cross), Gabrielle (Eva Longoria), and Susan (Teri Hatcher) — were such vividly drawn characters, yet delightfully unpredictable. Who would have ever guessed, for instance, that Gaby would end up having the most stable marriage? When we met her, she was hooking up with her teenage lawn boy (Jesse Metcalfe) with wild abandon.

- Philly.com

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