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Fuel Subsidy Removal: A Screw-Over

In an era of loud noise, it is important to make it clear where one stands.

Here: The fuel subsidy removal, at best, is a wrong-headed, ill-timed and disrespectful action that shows how little the government regards the opinions of its people. It’s an opinion I have vocalized over the past few weeks on television and online.

The manner in which it was introduced yesterday also, why stealth, is ultimately the biggest screw-over a government can hand to its people.

It’ll be interesting to see how the anger over the next few crystallises. EnoughisEnough Nigeria is leading the charge on this – and has put its meager resources where its mouth is over the past few weeks. But other young Nigerians should take the charge and lead – beyond Twitter and Facebook updates, and really show the power of their convictions.

How angry can the 99% get?


“My xmas gift to you is the news of my death”

Below, from Linda Ikeji’s blog, a young man on Facebook who seemed to liveblog his own suicide: his own Tweets are as striking as the responses from friends and

Diano Ovie Richy <> ‎@abigirl. Na lie. God no day watch me. Na only wen we day fuck na him day watch us.
God too like blue film self. God don go club go flex o. Make u take holiday 4 ur prayers o.

Diano Ovie Richy: My xmas gift 2 u all is d news of my death. By d time u are reading this story i should ve being dead somewhere. Pple say i should get a job,
save b4 achieving my enterpreneural dream. How do get a good job i can save from without my B sc result dat delsu has wickedly refused 2 issue me. I ve had failure
in all aspect of life. I invested 10yrs for a Bsc yet Umukoro, Oboreh n Odirin ate it up. Any biz i run always fail usually due 2 DUEX EX MACHINE. Some say i need
deliverance cos day say am cursed. Last month getting married was aborted though am an expecting father. I hate God 4 allowing d demons 2 continuously destroying my
hardwork. @ this point i want 2 appreciate some pple. Mudiaga my elder bro, Pawon & Nehi my only true friends 4 always understanding me. Lastly my Unborn child (
omoovie ). Please show my unborn child Omoovie when born in 2012 some love, kindness n favour in anyway u can. I took the best decision cos i don’t want to see my child
suffer 4 me not 2 b tempted 2 take other persons’ life. Did u say am a coward? 9ja, what a pple dwelling there. What are u doing 2 help that person that is stil alive?

· 25 December at 19:16
via Mobile <> ·

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* <>

Diano Ovie Richy <> Harriet take care.

25 December at 19:36

* <>

Ese Ejohwemu Clarke <> omo ovie means child of a king.u v a potentials 2 b gr8 n ur unborn wil truly represent dis name.
al u nid is patience n prayer.

25 December at 19:42

* <>

Bernard Oghenetega Akpofi <> Mr Richy,hv you taken ur problem to God in prayer? If not,plz do.

25 December at 20:03 · <>

* <>

Governor O. Kelvin <> Hmmmmm,,,,,,,stp complianing GOD is incontrol, he knows de best, and his time is de best when his
time comes nobody can stop u ………BE PETIENCE

25 December at 20:34

* <>

Agbro Aghogho Emma <> D lyrics of a song i heard,goes lik dis”maybe d reason why all d doors are closed,is so dat u open 1 dat
leads u 2d perfect light,jst ignite a spark in u n let it shine.d reason y u r alive n nt dead is bcos wen theres life,theres hope,but wen u giv up den its ova.quitters
dnt win n winners dnt quit.many great men were sch dropouts..u r a great man,dnt giv up.

25 December at 20:52

* <>

Pricelessjewels Magasine <> Don’t give up ön God cos he won’t give up on u he’s able.

25 December at 22:08

* <>

Edward Abigail <> ‎@ovie,al dis story way u dey give na fake.i knw u wel.God dey watch u.rededicate ur self.

25 December at 22:17

* <>

Imirhe Ochuko Julia <> By d time u all will be reading dis Ovie is already DEAD

Monday at 14:19

* <>

Osaghae Nehikhare <> ‎@How Come no body Informed me of dis Posting,i did not open my FB Page that yesterday evening,i
would have tried contacting his Family to go down to the house,and check him out,and take him home to be with his Family members.Well,the Ways of God are not that of
Man,God knows Best.

Monday at 16:45

* <>

Osaghae Nehikhare <> Or Contact Christain his Friend and Room mate in the Same house,to down to the House to meet
him.Though Christan did not Sleep in the House that Yesterday,he was with his Family members Enjoying the Christmas.Like i said the Ways of God are not the Ways of
Man,God Knows Best why it Happened.

Monday at 16:48

* <>

Edward Abigail <> am nt hapi.ovie wht u did is wil i see sum 1 like u?

Monday at 16:48

* <>

Ogbodu Jonathan <> May His Soul Rest In Peace. Ado Ovie Daino Richie

Monday at 17:14

* <>

Akpomughe Vivian Jite <> Ovie i will miss u so much and no one on dis earth can ever fill d vacum dat u ve created
in my heart, rest in peace my gud friend.

Monday at 18:25

* <>

Governor O. Kelvin <> ‎@Jite, is ovie dead?

Monday at 20:38

* <>

Anyasi Andrew <> They cant insult d dead, so postpone till d last day. NB: u fall our hand

Monday at 20:42

* <>

Eloho Blessing Eyoboka <> ‎;(Why why why ooh why???am just so pained…;(

Monday at 22:24

* <>

Eloho Blessing Eyoboka <> Pls tel me dis isnt true

Monday at 22:26

* <>

Emmanuel Egwuenu <> Another defeated soul at the gate of destiny. Beaten to and fro by the battles of life. And finally overpower by
d battles of life.

Am not crying cos u were deafted by the battles of life but am crying becos of what awaits u at the other side. R.I.P

Tuesday at 00:01

* <>

Akpomughe Vivian Jite <> ‎@ Governor, its true i confirmed it from his sis and she said he has been buried, i
dont want to believe dat Ovie is now six feet below its so painful.

Tuesday at 01:18 · <>

* <>

Bernard Oghenetega Akpofi <>
Ovie Richy Diano, may ur soul rest in PEACE.Anyway,U took a very wrong decision by taking ur own life which God gave 2 you.

Tuesday at 13:35

* <>

Faith Arthur <> ovie richy diano its so unfortunate dat u hav to take ur life. Anyway God knows best.May ur gentle soul rest
in perfect peace amen.

Tuesday at 13:49

* <>

Ashiofu Isaac <> Y did u do ds

Yesterday at 10:54

TBottom of Form

Many of his friends say he has died. There is also a possibility he didn’t kill himself. Still. There is a distinct absence of heartfelt compassion that’s worrisome. But more importantly, there are so many unhappy people around us. People so unhappy and lonely that taking their lives is the only option. God give us the grace to see – and to help.

I hope someone somewhere reached out to Diano – whether he is crying for attention or not, there is piercing sadness to his messages.

Actor vs Writer: Drama at Tinsel!

I am a Tinsel fan. So this is written as a fan rather than as a journalist…

I’m a fan because I think the writers finally get what a soap is about. So put me in the surprised column when, in an action strikingly similar to something his character in the soap would do, Gideon Okeke came out two days ago to blast the writers. See story HERE.


As I have found out with soaps around the world – from Eastenders to The Bold and the Beautiful – it’s the writers that keep the audience’s interest. Many times we are frustrated with the Tinsel accents, the troubling acting, the shady costuming, but what keeps us coming back is when the writers weave a yarn that keeps us interested.

The latest aggravation for many viewers is Fred Ade Williams now ridiculous memory loss plot. While it is very frustrating and unrealistic, as a writer I could easily guess what’s being done. The new Ade Williams – mellow, wise, thoughtful – had been boring to watch. We liked the annoying, arrogant, obtuse one better – at least, he created more drama. I think it has been a favour to the overall soap that the old character has been brought back.

Someone mentioned that it isn’t the Tinsel writers we should be worried about. That is food for thought.

The writing could be better, sure. I just don’t think coming out in public to speak against a team you’re a part of is the best way to solve a problem. Stones thrown from glass houses are not a good idea.

Recommended Reading – “Help!”

It’s a shame that The Help is no longer in the (Nigerian) cinemas. A sensitive, beautiful story, told in appropriate proportions – communicating its message without the gory history. See reviews in my favourite review site, and get it!

So now that Steve Jobs is dead, everyone’s out of the woodworks. Did he also steal credit for the Think Different campaign?

What is the difference between getting signed on to a label and being a representative? Akon, help!

There’s a massive debate – such as there should be! Should President Goodluck Jonathan be on any list for Person of the Year? I hope Number One is paying attention.

Interesting strategy thoughts from the Harvard Business Review

An acquaintance I met in Abuja many years ago – a fun fellow, and so nice. Sad loss.

The phrase “civil societies” always gets me weak. Seriously, editor? Nonetheless good to see action rather than just words.

I am tired of the negative reviews about The Iron Lady – always more a review of the person than the movie. Another one from the bin.

A debate Christopher Hitchens would certainly have loved to have?

Still on him did you miss this? It’s huge!

And Obi Somto cooks up a beautiful photo shoot for Christmas!


Subsidy Removal takes effect on April Fool’s Day

This might be straight from the Department of Cheap Shots, but the guys
handling strategy for this government are 'not trying' at all.

See story making the rounds morning this morning -
For such a controversial - widely derided - move, you go ahead and announce
that it takes effect on April Fool's Day?
For real? Okay.

On Bishop Oyedepo? No comment

There are largely two (extreme) sides to any debate about a controversial man of God and I
am usually uninterested in both: one the one hand there are the blissfully
religious who will lob "Touch not my anointed" from the bible at you (To
which someone on Twitter fantastically retorted: "Have I touched him?"), and
then there are others always looking for the nearest opportunity to slam
religion, Pentecostalism and everything questionable about faith.

Both are unhelpful, because like with all human beings, there is a
complexity that stringent positions don't help capture.

I enormously respect Bishop Oyedepo, but that respect is nuanced. 
People I respect hold his doctrine, his message and his preaching in high regard, but it has not been the case with me.
I must note though that none of this is based on anything tangible: for some reason
his style and his mien haven't engaged me and I haven't been attracted to
listen to his messages, buy any of his books, or reading up on him.

Still I respect him. What the man has achieved with schools, churches - blazing
trails for faith-based organisations - is nothing short of inspiring. This
is a great man, and I say that without any attempt at condescension.

Yet. Watching the video that led to the slap on
the face of a clearly disturbed, powerless and intimidated young woman who
had called herself "a winch for Jesus", it was difficult to retain
perspective. Especially when he goes further by by A) Condemning her to hell, and
B) Asking her - "Do you know who I am?"

See the video here:

Church members and other soldiers of Christ have, predictably, been quick to
rise to his defense claiming that the incident is two years
old as if that reduces its purport and that he apologised for the failure in
judgement in church barely months after. Now, while the initial incident
bothered me; at the end of the day even Men of God are still Men, and if
Bishop Oyedepo had indeed apologized; that's fine by  me - he is only human. 

Until another Youtube video emerged, and interrupted my Kumbaya. Seeing
the Bishop triumphantly speak about the violence is very, very disturbing.

See that video here:

Take note: This happen across many churches in Nigeria. There are many
who see nothing wrong in a Man of God (one who is followed by "signs and
wonders") dealing with a self-confessed evil witch. Are they right? Are they wrong?


I sigh because, 5 years ago, when I was in university, I made a negative
comment about an action by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, and a classmate almost
slapped me. The vehemence in her voice, the contempt in her eyes, and the
violence that seethed beneath her still scare me to this day.

I shall therefore proceed no further.


Recommended Reading: “If I were a Forbes writer”

Huffington Post’s Ahraf Khalil is spot on as to Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

A Forbes writer does a racially charged piece, and after the criticism rains down, another Forbes writer cuts the first Forbes writer down to size. Is Forbes playing us for more pageviews?

These American politicians don’t seem to remember their own history, do they? Mitt Romney, as I feared, repeats Hillary Clinton’s mistakes (though I still think he’ll be the Republican nominee).

Our minister, Bolaji Abdullahi, takes a double.

Why didn’t Jonathan talk about fuel subsidy removal in his budget presentation

Is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala saying there is no more subsidy? A bit confusing.

I’m not sure GEJ was really paying attention to the youth on the matter.

Nigeria loses 1080 megawatts, but the boss at the faulty Egbin power station says they’ll be back in 48 hours

Is Segun Adeniyi coming clean – or cleaning up his image?

And have you seen Mrs. Mercy Odianosen (nee Johnson)?

And just as this was to go up, I heard the news of Christopher Hitchens passing. The greatest writer of his time as far as I am concerned, I have been crawling through the internet reading all and some about him. Some of my favourites here:

A New York Times tribute to the perhaps the finest – may

I say strongest – writer of his generation is appropriate and well done

Vanity Fair’s simple announcement was as elegant as Hitchens would have wanted

“Here’s Hitchens’s archive at @Slate. He was still filing brilliant columns in the final weeks.”

This Huffington Post published tribute hits the ball right out of the park.








BLOG An obit not nearly enough to capture the limitless brilliance of Christopher Hitchens

For a long time as a child, I insisted that silence couldn’t possibly be the best answer for a fool – we just had a bunch of people too lazy to find the right words. It was a position I soon had to drop for lack of role models to prove this theory – until I met Christopher Hitchens.

As one writer has said this morning, “Hitchens never could simply nod his head.”

This was a thinker so sure, a writer so good, a human being so pure in his moral and intellectual integrity that he would always find the exact words needed for that fool. And the words were always elegant.

Influenced greatly by the journalistic excellence of Vanity Fair as this site and our magazine is, for us Hitchens more dramatically symbolised the intellectual extravagance and rich depth of that magazine – whether he was writing about Brazilian waxes and the joys of alcohol or about water-boarding and the righteousness of the Iraq War.

Thus I am terribly ashamed that, on this day of his death aged 62 (a day, many of us, who have followed every move since he revealed his cancer have expected with dread), I am unable to find the right words to describe a man who affected my life and my writing so distinctly – who made it difficult for me to excuse an inability to think even about the hardest things, and to communicate them with the most clarity possible.

Such clarity as this – “It’s not enough that faith claims to be the solution to all problems,” he wrote in Slate in 2009 after a Danish newspaper apologised for publishing cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. “It is now demanded that such a preposterous claim be made immune from any inquiry, any critique, and any ridicule.”

Even his narrative of the cancer that ravaged his body, his throat, but not his voice and never his mind, was magnificently clear. Throwing light in a place and experience so muddled with fear and worry in most cases that no one has been able to tell an exact story.

“He was intolerant of nonsense,” another writer has said. “Including about his own health.” Indeed, his unwavering courage of conviction, in insisting even more earnestly in the absence of a God, when his own mortality should have weakened and softened him only quickened the regard with which I viewed this phenomenon.

Said another tribute this morning: “Even after being diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus in 2010, Hitchens refused to turn to a deity or organized religion for comfort. He made it clear that if anyone ever claimed he had converted at the end of his life, it would be either a lie propagated by the religious community or an effect of the cancer and treatment that made him no longer himself.”

“The entity making such a remark might be a raving, terrified person whose cancer has spread to the brain. I can’t guarantee that such an entity wouldn’t make such a ridiculous remark, but no one recognizable as myself would ever make such a remark,” he said.

Vanity Fair’s simple In Memoriam at 11.45pm – the official announcement of his death – refers to him as “incomparable critic, masterful rhetorician, fiery wit, and fearless bon vivant”. At the end, it notes, he was “more engaged, relentless, observant, and intelligent than just about everyone else – just as he had been for the last four decades.”

In the absence of my own inadequacy here and now, I shall appall Hitchens wherever he is now and quote some Tweets that mirror my thoughts:

@Toure Hitches was intellectually macho, as in he wielded his mind like a massive muscle. And he was intellectually courageous – no idea scared him.

@AO1379 Even at the point of being decapitated by cancer, he stoically maintained his opinion of God. He was a brilliant man who offered no apologies for his radical, sometimes erratic views.

@Toure I respect immensely that the proximity of death did not change Hitchens’s feeling about God. He stood his ground on that one.

@AO1379 You could disagree with his views, but Hitches is one of the most compelling writers I’ve ever read.

@dreamhamption RIP to the wildly brilliant Christopher Hitches, who fought cancer and never stopped writing.

@BlacCanseco Hitch was so anti-faith he attacked it like it was a public nuisance.

@joseiswriting RIP, Christopher Hitches, one of the most prolific, original and discerning writers of ANY era.

@Tourse Hitches was a throwback to the Norman Mailersque vision of the writer as macho, brilliant, argumentative &, critically, hardliving.

@Toure If Hitchens is wrong about God it’ll be a very interesting scene when he shows up at the pearly gates.

@morgan_murphy Gonna read Hitches tonight & pray to ever write that well. Tomorrow, I’ll accept my limitations & tweet a fart joke.

From his editor at Vanity Fair, and another magnificent writer, Graydon Carter – @VanityFair He was a gift from, dare I say it, God.

And finally, this one – @goldietaylor I hope I’m right about God, because I think he’d really like Hitchens.

“There will never be another like Christopher. A man of ferocious intellect, who was as vibrant on the page as he was at the bar,” said Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter. “Those who read him felt they knew him, and those who knew him were profoundly fortunate souls.”









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