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Financial troubles: Evander Holyfield forced to auction off his Olympic medal

Then, while attending the Olympic games in London, a reporter doing a “man on the street” interview talked to the Olympian, but didn’t identify him by the time the clip aired. He was identified simply as a tourist.  With a man of Holyfield’s physical size and stature, you have to wonder what in the heck the interviewer was smoking.

Now, the rest of Holyfield’s most prized possessions will soon be up for bids. Because of Holyfield’s financial troubles, he’s being forced to sell of all sorts of valuables including the boxing gloves from the heavyweight bout in which Mike Tyson infamously bit off part of his ear, championship belts, and even his Olympic medal.

Holyfield’s bronze medal from the 1984 Olympics also be included in the sale, according to the auction house handling Holyfield’s estate.  We’re not sure what a Bronze medal fetches on the secondary market, but we hope that it can make a dent his vast tax and child support obligations.  When you make the kids, you better be ready to feed them, and Evander didn’t understand that when he created 11 different children.

Holyfield’s career record is 44-10-2 with 29 knockouts. He has won titles in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions, where he beat Tyson, George Foreman, Larry Holmes and Riddick Bowe. His last fight took place in 2011.

- Black Like Moi

Porn star endorses Mitt Romney in strip club

Retired porn star Jenna Jameson waded into the 2012 presidential race on Thursday, choosing a San Francisco strip club as the venue to announce her support for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

CBS San Francisco has her comments:

“I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office,” Jameson said while sipping champagne in a VIP room at Gold Club in the city’s South of Market neighborhood. “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

With an estimated net worth of $30 million and a resume that includes 160 films, Jameson ranks as one of the porn industry’s wealthiest players.

Jameson’s endorsement may come as a surprise to the few people who have kept track of her political leanings. Her decision to back Romney doesn’t exactly mesh with her prior campaigns for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — perhaps she’s unaware of the Seamus Romney fiasco – and public support for Hillary Clintonin 2008.

Romney’s presidential aspirations have intersected with pornography and adult film stars before. Earlier this year, a clip surfaced showing Romney unveiling an effort to combat online pornography in 2008.

“I wanna make sure that every new computer sold in this country after I’m president has installed on it a filter to block all pornography and that parents can click that filter to make sure their kids don’t see that kinda stuff coming in on their computer,” he said at the time.

And last month, a former anti-porn prosecutor in the Reagan administration claimedthat Romney’s campaign had vowed to “vigorously” crack down on pornographers once in the White House.

While Romney hasn’t appeared very friendly to the adult entertainment industry, some of its employees are still playing nice. Just last week, porn star Ron Jeremy offered some kind praise for Romney’s character.

“I think he means well, I think he’s a good man,” Jeremy said, clarifying that he’d still be voting for President Barack Obama. “I think the fact that he’s such an amazing father proves a lot. I give him a lot of credit. He’s raised some good sons. … When a man is a really, really good father, that’s very important.”

-Huffington Post

This is new… Red Boned? Singer Eric Benet under fire for loving “Red Bone Girls”

No stranger to controversy, singer Eric Benet is making headlines again. But this time, some say the controversy may be a little unfounded. Well, at least that’s our take on the situation, for now.

Benet is now catching heat for his latest song, “Red Bone Girl.” Critics are upset that the song seemingly shows a preference for light-skinned women. But, Benet, not long ago released the hit, “Chocolate Legs,” which praised women with dark skin tones.

But what’s a celeb to do when controversy surrounds them? Make a shirt about it. At least that’s what Benet is doing in order to make an extra buck off the criticism he’s been receiving over the song.

Benet has created two women’s tank tops with the name of each song emblazoned across the front. The “Chocolate Legs” and “Red Bone Girl” tees are available on his official site for $19.95.

The song also features Li’l Wayne, who has also been under fire for his unabashed preference in women.  Not only does Wayne remain clear that dark-skin is not his preference, he also has a consistent disrespect for women and has even talked about having sex with them and sending their dead bodies back to their boyfriends.

Benet defended the song on CBS recently.

“In no way is it ["Redbone Girl"] me professing my preference for any type of skin color … it’s just a songwriter talking about one experience,” he said.

He mentioned “Chocolate Legs” and pointed out that the latter didn’t receive nearly as much criticism. Maybe Benet has a point.  He seems to like all the ladies, not just the ones who look a certain way.  This makes sense for a man who many believe has a sex addiction.  Maybe he needs to sing about something else.

The song appears on Benet’s latest album, “The One” which was released in June.

- Black Like Moi

Diana Ross to sign and permit new custody agreement for Michael Jackson’s kids

Diana Ross was listed as a back-up guardian for Michael Jackson’s children if Micheal’s mother , Katherine was unable to care for them. Ross is now ready to sign off on a new custody agreement that lists Katherine and her grandson T.J. Jackson as guardians for joint custody.

According to, a source close to the family said:

“Diana has no qualms whatsoever about the new custody agreement, she only wants what is best for the children. Diana knows that the children are old enough to decide who they want to live with and she defers to what they want. While Diana hasn’t been a big part of their lives because she lives on the East Coast, she is very fond of them.”

The family attorney has stated that Janet, Jermaine and Randy are not allowed to visit their mother Katherine’s home in Calabasas. This may stem from allegations that  there is security footage showing Janet arguing with Paris Jackson and allegedly calling her “spoiled little bitch”.

The Jackson kids’ former nanny, Grace Rwaramba,  weighed in on the madness saying,

“Everyone knows that Michael went to great lengths to protect his children from the public eye. While the use of veils and masks was unconventional, it only highlights how important this issue was to him. He understood, probably better than anyone, that growing up as a public figure, especially in the entertainment industry can be disaster…The recent drama surrounding Michael’s mother, Katherine, the ongoing custody issues and now the public dispute between Paris and Janet is exactly what Michael wanted to protect his children from. These matters have been further complicated by Gladys Knight and others recent and well intentioned comments about Paris. I have great respect and admiration for Mrs. Knight. And while I agree with the spirit of her comments, attacking Paris in public is not the answer.”

Just recently, Diana Ross spoke out saying that the media needs to leave the Jackson children and their family alone to deal with their issues, saying ‘‘all interests are best served if it remains private.’

- Black Blue Dog

Mother charged after 17-month old baby shot in the face

A mother has been arrested after her 17-month old baby shot himself in the face.  What’s even sadder about the incident is that it was in Colorado, the same place where the Batman massacre occurred, as well as the Columbine school shooting back in 1998.

Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has formally charged Iesha Paris in connection with the shooting of her baby.  She didn’t shoot the child, but she’s being charged after the baby was shot by his older brother.

The 21-year old mother is being charged with child abuse resulting in bodily injury and misdemeanor child abuse.  Another person, Darryl Hunter, is also being charged as an accessory to child abuse and possession of a weapon by a previous offender.

Paris said that she left her son and two-year old child alone in a room where the gun was located.  That’s when she said she heard a gunshot.  She then found the 17-month old baby shot in the face.

“She said she didn’t know what happened and who had fired the gunshot,” the statement says.

Paris said she usually kept the gun behind the couch, inside a bag.   Paris and Hunter have both been released on $50,000 bond.   Maybe one day Denver and other states will reconsider the danger that their gun laws cause to innocent young children.

- Black Blue Dog

Secretary Clinton says improved drones will find Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said today that she believes drones will be able to sift through the jungle and locate Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

Clinton made her comments while in Uganda, as she watched a U.S. manufactured drone that the Ugandan military uses to fight al Qaida in Somalia.

The Associated Press reports:

 The U.S. last year sent 100 special forces advisers to Central Africa to help hunt Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a band of jungle-roaming militants known for kidnapping children, taking girls as sex slaves and disfiguring victims. Ugandan forces are at the forefront in the hunt for Kony, whose campaign of terror originated in Uganda but who now is elsewhere in central Africa.

“Now we have to figure out how we can see through thick vegetation to find Joseph Kony,” Clinton said at a Ugandan military installation shortly after meeting with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Joseph Kony became a household name when earlier this year a video created by the U.S.-based aid group Invisible Children went viral. Although the video was a success, many Ugandans took issue with it, answering with their own videos, and even voicing their concerns on CNN.

Then things took an unexpected turn for the worst when the co-founder of Invisible Children, and the man behind the Kony 2012 tape, Jason Russell, was found naked outside screaming.

Still, Clinton says she is prepared to give Uganda the resources it needs to locate Kony.

“We have to figure out how to work with all the countries where he and his criminal bands are perhaps hiding. We have to put our heads together to find out what additional equipment and support you need to lead this effort to rid the world of this terrible man and his criminal behavior,” Clinton said.

As journalist Angelo Izama pointed out back then, this probably has a lot to do with oil.  If America’s government were that concerned with human life, there would be much more concern for the 1.5 million Iraqis who are dead from the Iraq war.

- Kulture Kritic

Bow Wow’s dad lays into his son with a shocking open letter

Just a day after revelations and accusations surfaced accusing the rapper Bow Wow of being a deadbeat dad, his own dad shows up.  We don’t know if Bow Wow’s dad is a deadbeat or not, but we do know that he’s tired of being portrayed in a negative light by his son.

In a well-written letter expressing his frustrations with Bow Wow, the rapper’s father came out in public and spoke about his disappointment with his son, as well as the struggles he’s had with alcoholism.  It’s hard to say if his dad is making excuses or has a legitimate point.  Either way, we know that this family feud seems to be getting crazy.


I guess the only way you want to communicate with me is through the media. I recently read your article in Vibe and I felt like I needed to contact you.

First off, I want you to know how happy and proud I am of you and your success. I was also blessed that your mother and step-father did an excellent job of raising you to the man you are today. I can also say that I am proud that you have done your best to be a father to your daughter. I don’t want you to have the regrets that I have had for not being in your life more than I have been. Your Grandfather, my Dad, left me at an early age as well, it is time to stop this cycle.

I actually thought that we were making positive steps to rebuild our relationship when we spoke last year during labor day weekend. I thought that call was going to be like it use to be when you and one of your girlfriends were together and you asked me how to cook tacos. We had a good boding moment. So, when you called me last year, I thought we were having a private conversation only to see the video on of you asking me “are you clean,” like I’m some kind of junkie or something. I am NOT a junkie, but I am an alcoholic. I have been struggling with this disease my entire adult life and I am sad to say that it has really messed our relationship up. But the picture you paint of me in the media is not right.

I am hurt that you would call your sisters out of their name. Did you realize that they were acting off of the video you put out first? You said you were upset for them lying and spreading family business. Do you realize that you put family business out there FIRST when you put our conversation on video for the world to see? If your sisters were lying, then they were not putting family business out there. If they were actually putting family business out there in the streets, then they were not lying, so which one is it? Were your sisters lying or putting family business in the streets?

I am concerned and worried about you. I am not sure if you know this or not, but Alcoholism runs on both sides of your family. Both of your grandfathers and me have struggled with the disease. Please be careful and be mindful so that you will not succumb to this disease that is in your genes. I have went to several alcoholic programs and tried to get this thing under control, but nothing has seemed to work for me. This is something that I am struggling with day to day.

I will be honest and tell you that I was offered to do a reality show, Celebrity Dad’s with Regrets. I wanted to do the show in order to rebuild our relationship. When we spoke on the phone last labor day weekend, I had a video camera on me as well. I did NOT have you on speaker phone, because I still wanted some sort of privacy with our conversation. Once we got off the phone and I had time to think, I realized that the thought of our relationship being rebuilt was far greater than any dollar amount for a TV show. I did sign the contract to do the show, but I backed out of the deal when I saw hopes of us reuniting and I didn’t want a reality show or money to get in the way of our father and son relationship. I am posting the video of my side of the conversation, so the world can see the TRUTH. That we had a good conversation and it was a happy moment for both of us and not the dark picture you painted. Lots of laughs and joking. Not you yelling at me “ARE YOU CLEAN?”

I have also had people approach me to give interviews, talking about my past and your mother’s past, but I declined, even when offered money. I am not that type of person. Everyone has a past and I am not that type of man to tell someone else’s dirt for a dollar.

I had seen in an interview where you said that I sent you a letter and misspelled your name. Did you know that I named you and how I came up with your name? You know I am a big sports fan. I really liked the name Ahmad Rashad, well really just Rashad. But you know me, I have to put my own spin on it and took the “Ra” off and just left “Shad” for your name. Not only did I name you, I was there when you were born and signed your birth certificate. I hate that you make it seem as if I was never around at all.

You also need to know that there were times were things were not so smooth while your mother and I were living together. Even when dealing with my alcoholism I made sure we had a place to stay. My family loved me and helped me with all my flaws. We were evicted and had to live with my family members and my family sent us money in order for us to get back on our feet.

Shad, I never asked you for anything, but I am asking for one thing now. Can you please stop throwing me under the bus and talking bad about me? I may be an alcoholic, but I never physically abused you. Keyshia Cole tried to help her Mother. Tyler Perry takes care of his family financially and he was sexually abused by some of them. All I am asking is that you stop dragging my name in the mud.

I wish you all the success,

Love Pops

- Reason for Rhymes

Cab driver who returned missing N18 million to get N30,000 reward

A taxi driver, Mr Imeh Usuah on Thursday received an award from the National Orientation Agency (NOA) for returning N18 million, about $120,000, (About 18 Million Naira)  left in his car by a passenger.

Governor Babatunnde Fashola of Lagos State will also receive N30,000 from the agency for stopping soldiers driving on the dedicated lane for Bus Rapid Transport (BRT).

Mr. Mike Omeri, Director General of the agency, said these in Abuja while giving the award of N30,000 to Usuah for his honesty and patriotism by returning N18 million to the rightful owner.

The taxi driver was also given an award for his courage to do the right thing when most people would have seen the money as a way to enrich themselves.

Fashola had on July 17 arrested two military officers who drove on the dedicated BRT lane in Lagos.
The two military officers were accosted on the BRT lane at the Outer Marina in Central Lagos, where Col. K. I. Yusuf drove in an army green Peugeot 406 with registration No BO1 – 150 NA and Staff Sgt Adeomi A.J, drove in a black Toyota Camry car.

Realising that the game was up, Yusuf came down from his car, saluted several times and kept muttering: “I am sorry, very, very sorry” with the governor enquiring why, a senior military officer, chose to break the law instead of preserving it.

Fashola described as very unfortunate the fact that those who ought to stand in defence of democratic values were the ones violating them.

Omeri said that every Nigerian that did good including Fashola would be honoured by the agency.
The NOA DG, who eulogised the exemplary life of the taxi driver said that every Nigerian “who toed the path of honesty and displayed a rare integrity must be celebrated”.

He said that for Fashola to have shown courage by stopping the soldiers on the lane meant only for the BRT bus, NOA would not hesitate to honour him.

Omeri said the award would be given to any Nigerian irrespective of status or class that showed act that depicted the values and culture of Nigeria.

The DG said that those who often saw Nigerians in bad light should desist from that and began to see her in good light, adding that peace, honesty and love was a Nigerian factor.

He said that for Usuah, a taxi driver, to have returned N18 million showed that Nigerian still had men and women of integrity.

Usuah, who plies the airport road in Abuja, said he was at the car wash when he discovered there was a bag left behind after dropping the man off in a hotel and immediately returned it.

“My mind went back to the man who I dropped at the hotel and I immediately alerted my chairman and he instructed me to go back to the place where I dropped him. I saw him and delivered his bag to him.“

Mr Oche Elias, who represented the Minister of Aviation, said it was a rare display of honesty, adding that it was “a huge integrity and trust exhibited by Usuah”.

He said that with that act, the country’s image was being corrected, adding that everybody should be involved in the image management of the country.

Elias said the aviation ministry would organise a dinner in his honour to show to the world that integrity paid.

- PM News

Punch Report: Davido beats up taxi driver over lady friend

A taxi driver, Femi Ajibola, will never forget July 1, 2012 in a hurry. At about 5.30 pm on that day, he received a phone call from a young woman in the Lekki area of Lagos and had quickly answered the subsequent invitation to pick her up.

“The lady introduced herself as Susie. She called me to come and pick her and her friend. They told me to come pick them up at Mobolaji Estate near Lekki Second Roundabout. Later, I took them to a hotel at Lekki Phase I to meet one of their friends.

“From there we left for Beni Apartment in Victoria Island. They said that I should wait for them and promised to be back soon. Not long afterwards, one of the girls began to scream as she was coming towards my car. Behind her, I saw David Adeleke (Davido) and four of his bouncers.

“The girl was running towards me. I think the men had assaulted her. She said I should open the door for her so that she would enter. I opened the door for her; as she was about to enter the car, Davido caught up with her and slapped her face,” Ajibola said.

In a bid to save the girl from further assault, Ajibola switched on the engine of his cab and was about to drive off when the youthful singer suddenly dealt him a slap.

The cabbie said, “He left the girl and faced me. He said I was the one that brought the girls, that I am their boyfriend. He knocked my face against the steering wheel of the cab. This made blood begin to come out from my ear drums. He seized my car keys and in the process, injured me.

“Before I knew what was going on, his four bouncers began to beat me up. They beat me severely and took my car keys from me and chased me away. This happened around 11 pm. I went to report the matter at the Bar Beach Police Station, which was the nearest one. I was asked to come back the next morning to report the case.”

- The Punch

Africa’s stingiest man? Dangote yet to pay compensation for 40 deaths caused by company truck

Africa’s richest man, Aliku Dangote, has refused to pay up compensation for about 40 deaths caused by his company’s truck driver

Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, who is worth N1.7 trillion ($11.2 billion) according to Forbes magazine has, through his company – Dangote Sugar Refinery Plc – refused to respect a court ruling which resulted from the killing of dozens of people by one of his employees, while on official duty.

A driver belonging to the company had rammed a company truck into waiting vehicles, resulting in an inferno which claimed over 40 lives.

The chief coroner, after investigation of the incident, had found the company driver culpable and ordered the company to compensate the families of the victims.

The total compensation to be paid by Mr. Dangote’s company is less than N200 million, about 0.01 percent of what the billionaire is worth.

The ruling

On April 25, in a crowded court room in Lagos, Tajudeen Elias, chief coroner at the Ikeja Magistrate Court, pronounced his verdict on what is, arguably, the longest dragging inquest since the advent of the Coroner’s Law in the state in 2007.

The 19-month long inquest, which suffered more than a dozen adjournments, was initiated by Access to Justice (a non-governmental organisation), and Falana and Falana Chambers (a law firm), to determine the cause of a horrific accident in 2010; when a Dangote Sugar Refinery truck rammed into waiting vehicles along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

The resulting inferno led to the loss of over 40 lives as human occupants and metallic parts got charred in one of the severest fatalities on the expressway.

Reading his verdict in a capacity filled room, Mr. Elias told the Sugar Refinery Company, owned by Mr. Dangote, to issue a public apology as well as pay a “minimal compensation” to the accident victims and their families within three months.

Mr. Elias also indicted officers of the Nigeria Police for mounting a roadblock which caused a traffic snarl in the minutes leading to the accident.

Also, the verdict ignored the sugar company’s lawyers’ claims during the inquest that Salisu Lawal, the driver of the fatal truck, was dead. Mr. Elias mandated them to provide him within three months.

Mum is the word

Three months after Mr. Elias delivered his verdict; the management of the sugar refinery have neither issued the apology nor paid the compensation to the victims and their families.

In May, one month after the coroner’s verdict, Access to Justice, one of the parties who instituted the inquest, wrote a reminder to the management of Dangote Industries.

A similar letter was sent to the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar.

Both letters did not receive any response.

- Premium Times

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