Love After Love

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Hi guys,

Today the Lifeaholic shares a poem she came across a few days ago.

(Yes I’m aware of the fact that I’m referring to myself in the third person!)

Seriously though, I found the poem to be a powerful statement on loving and knowing yourself – your TRUE self. We go through our lives mostly portraying and nurturing the version of ourselves that we think people want to see. As a result, we neglect the original version of who we are. Guess what happens then?

Love After Love by Derek Walcott

The time will come
when, with elation
you will greet yourself arriving
at your own door, in your own mirror
and each will smile at the other’s welcome,

and say, sit here. Eat.
You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.
Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

the photographs, the desperate notes,
peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.

Confessions of a confused occupier

Dear Diary,

See me see wahala o. It all started on Sunday, January 1st (or so I think), when GEJ announced the immediate removal of the fuel subsidy – a full three months ahead of the proposed date! And so the nation was immediately thrown into an uproar (slight exaggeration, but you get the point). The Twitter crew went wild too (trust them), and my timeline is still shaking – over 72 hours later. I must confess, on Sunday I was sligtly irritated, because I thought the ranting on Twitter was business as usual – a race for who could say the wittiest things and/or get the most retweets. I logged off Twitter and willed my cyber friends to DO something.

The next day, talks about staging protests had started (you go fear quick answer to my half-hearted prayer). There have been protests in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun, Kano and Abuja among others. I was at work on Tuesday, but I followed the Lagos protest closely on the internet. I could hardly concentrate on my work (God, please don’t let any of my bosses be reading this). Then my BB (that stupid old thing, I sooo need a new one!) crashed as usual and I had to go back to work. With my heart doing 100km/hr, I just sighed and prayed that my friends would be kept safe.

Sidebar: Is Nigeria worth dying for? (100 marks)

It looks like Nigerians have finally been driven up the wall, and this time our regular bricklayers have refused to break this particular wall. The Labour Congress has called for a nationwide indefinite strike (reminds me of ASUU things). Someone said on Twitter, “We must let our government know that we are not our parents.” I’m happy and proud of my friends who are ready to fight to the death, but I must confess – me? I’m just really confused. I know the stats, I know where Nigeria is and what needs to be done, but somehow I can’t drum up the fire that will make me take to the streets.

Does this make me unpatriotic? I know I love Nigeria – I think I do! So shoot me (not literally, duh) if I’m not very sure I’m ready to risk life and limb to see the fuel price taken back to N65/litre and see a cut in the cost of governance among other things. Thing is, many people expect me to have kicked into activist mode… But it’s not loading! (*weeping*) I must confess I even felt bullied by gbogbo awon twitter actvists. Some were downright silly though… One man said something like, “I will give you a free followback if you were at the protest!” Like, for real? Negro please! That is not why we are here.

I spoke to some friends yesterday and realised I’m not alone! Some of us are just really, very confused. I no wan die na!

In the meantime, I don’t want posterity to judge me o, ehen. So I will do what I can.

So diary, I’m thinking of organising relief materials for the Monday protests. Does that sound like a plan?

Talk soon, dear Diary. xox

Swim, swim, swim!

A couple of days ago I had a conversation with my friend Jadesola about some (really deep, big, meaningful, life changing… you get the drift) things that have been going on with me. As with anyone who knows me well, within minutes she was saying “calm down, Dami!” The thing is, when I get an idea into my head, I get very excited and run away with the idea – usually with zero thinking or planning going into it.

The patience and perseverance to focus and plan are key to succeeding in life, and this goes with the popular saying that life is a marathon race, not a 100m sprint.

In my perfect alternate universe however, words like patience do not exist!

After she told me to calm down, Jade said this:

“One thing I know for sure is this, Dami. Our desires have a way of swimming towards us; we just have to be patient.”

That statement has stuck with me since. if you’re like me, next time you feel the need to rush headlong into an idea or commitment without fully counting the cost, remember that if something is really yours, it will find it’s way towards you. And if you’re getting impatient, just scream at it to swim, swim, swim!

That should get those goals to move faster, shouldn’t it?


As told by Seth!

Everyone who knows me well knows how much I love Seth Godin. I hang on to his every word (well, mostly)… He’s my mentor and older brother from another mother (all in my head, of course). If you dont know who he is…shame on you – quickly change that by going here!

Today I want to share some “assorted tips” from Seth’s blog, and like he said, “hope they help…”

  1. No stranger or unknown company will ever contact you by mail or by phone with an actual method for making money easily or in your spare time. And if the person or company contacting you asserts that they are someone you know, double check before taking action.
  2. Don’t have back surgery. See a physiatrist first, then exhaust all other options before wondering if you should have back surgery.
  3. Borrow money to buy things that go up in value, but never to get something that decays over time.
  4. Placebos are underrated by almost everyone.
  5. It’s almost never necessary to use a semicolon.
  6. Seek out habits that help you overcome fear or inertia. Destroy those that do the opposite.
  7. Cognitive behavorial therapy is generally considered both the quickest and most effective form of addressing many common psychological problems.
  8. Backup your hard drive.
  9. Get a magnetic key hider, put a copy of your house key in it and hide it really well, unlabeled, two blocks from your house.
  10. A rice cooker will save you time and money and improve your diet, particularly if you come to like brown rice.
  11. Consider not eating wheat for an entire week. The results might surprise you.
  12. Taking your dog for a walk is usually better than whatever alternative use of your time you were considering.

Told you they were assorted.

Follow Seth Godin on Twitter: @thisissethsblog

The lifeaholic’s 24-hour fruit & tea cleanse

Ever gone through days knowing that your digestive system was in a mess? Constant burping, irregular stool (eww!), the rumbles, the pain, the discomfort. It’s no wonder we feel that way sometimes – the average Nigerian lives on the worst combinations of unhealthy food. Carbonated drinks, starchy staples, fatty meats, don’t get me started on Gala, SuperYogo and the rest…

If your body is a machine, and everything thing you put into it is fuel, you’re possibly doing the equivalent of powering your 800 KVA generator with black market petrol…Disastrous. It’s time to clean up! The healthiest way to detox is not to starve yourself, but to eat (and drink) foods that detoxify the body. While most of us do not have the strength to go on a week long detoxification program, there’s a simple one day remedy that works for me everytime…

You’ll need:

1 Sachet Ginger Tea/ 1 Teabag Mint Tea

2/3 Teabags Green Tea

Lots of Fruits – Tangerines, Oranges, Apples, Grapes (The quantity will vary depending on how hungry you get)

Green vegetables – Cucumber/Steamed spinach (optional)

Loads of water

The cleanse:

  • The night before your detox, drink a cup of warm mint/ginger tea. I like to mix both sometimes (no sugar, no milk). Both teas help digest all the food you’ve eaten that day. Drink just before you go to bed.
  • The next morning help yourself to some citrus fruits (I like tangerines because they make me feel fuller) and a glass of water (two if you can) before heading out. Fruits are easy to digest and are high in antioxidants, nutrients, fiber and vitamins.
  • Around 10am, 2pm and 6pm take warm cups of green tea. Full of antioxidants, green tea removes toxins from your system and increases liver function. I know it tastes horrible, but suck it up! No sugar allowed -__-
  • Whenever you feel hungry, dig into your fruit & vegetable bag and help yourself to as much as you can.
  • Keep a 100cl bottle of water beside you and take sips throughout the day.
  • Absolutely stay away from carbohydrates, fried proteins, sugar and all the junk you eat on a daily basis.
  • The result:
  • Your tummy should start to feel ‘relieved’ before the day runs out, and by the next morning you’re guaranteed to feel even better.
  • Thank me later! *wink*

*Do get the consent of a certified health professional before going on this cleanse

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