the help

Recommended Reading – “Help!”

It’s a shame that The Help is no longer in the (Nigerian) cinemas. A sensitive, beautiful story, told in appropriate proportions – communicating its message without the gory history. See reviews in my favourite review site, and get it!

So now that Steve Jobs is dead, everyone’s out of the woodworks. Did he also steal credit for the Think Different campaign?

What is the difference between getting signed on to a label and being a representative? Akon, help!

There’s a massive debate – such as there should be! Should President Goodluck Jonathan be on any list for Person of the Year? I hope Number One is paying attention.

Interesting strategy thoughts from the Harvard Business Review

An acquaintance I met in Abuja many years ago – a fun fellow, and so nice. Sad loss.

The phrase “civil societies” always gets me weak. Seriously, editor? Nonetheless good to see action rather than just words.

I am tired of the negative reviews about The Iron Lady – always more a review of the person than the movie. Another one from the bin.

A debate Christopher Hitchens would certainly have loved to have?

Still on him did you miss this? It’s huge!

And Obi Somto cooks up a beautiful photo shoot for Christmas!


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