BREAKING: Former pension boss sentenced to 2 years in prison for stealing N23.3bn

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  • Davidorff

    The symbol of the Nigerian Judiciary should be at best squarting. How can someone who stole N65k be sent to 5years and the one who stole billions be sent to 2 years? With all the reputable personalities in the Judiciary? NigeriaARISE!

    • ogun

      What knid of justice is this. sentenced to 2 years with an option of fine. who will not take the fine. He stole billions, you are giving him a fine of thousands.

  • muhammad-sani

    this is naija fo u!

  • Chinkere

    This is ridiculous. You guys are not serious. This is one most laughable convictions I have seen. Judiciary, sit up and be counted.

    • andy ntong

      The judge that passed such ridiculous judgment should be send to jail without trail.

  • adeyemi

    Wow!!! What a pity on us Nigerians……… 250k for Bail on someone dat stole 23.3b pension fund ….. Nigerians re coward

  • Bello

    May God help us, and our country in general!

  • http://yahoo dickson

    may god help us we are suffering in this country but why pls but why ooo this country is very curopt

  • tobi

    uhmmm, I am short of words, days counting

  • Joseph Onuorah

    This is the latest addition to a litany of corruption woes for this country under the watch of GEJ. Net 2.3b with forfeited 0.3b and the guy is home and dry with 2b, I bet this guy will have been jailed for life in saner climes…
    Dont know if Nigeria wealth is really going to sustain its economic needs for another 5 years if the current Jamborree continues.
    *Thinking Hard*
    Kombitel (The prince of Orumba)

  • henry

    Nawa o niger,a man stole bilions and his been convicted to 2yrs but when a man steals 2thousand naira his convicted to 20yrs imprisonment,and u call it demcratic dispensation “my foot”.when our judiciay is corrupt,a nigerian student [22yrs]in malaysia was caught with 1.98kg of cocaine was convicted to death by hanging in malaysia howevever two chiness immigrant in nigeria was caught with {2}40 feet container was jailed 4 15yrs each.niger !where re we heading to.

  • Mazi Sam

    I am dumbfounded. where is Naija heading to? NJC wake up.

  • sadiya

    Nigeria! Nigeria!! nigeria!!! where are we heading to? is this how we want to wipe out corruption? I bet you this will just encourage others to do worst.Arise Nigerian judiciary and do justice to all without fear or favour.