BUSTED: 2 gay men caught having SEX in a hotel room (PHOTOS)

7 Responses

  1. Anti-Anti Gay Law says:

    So what?!!! Is this not supposed to be their private business?

  2. SoCalVet says:

    The hotel owner and staff are the real criminals here…and the shame of persecution of minorities is on you, Uganda.

  3. Bwire Moses says:

    such pipo jst need 2 b shot dead,coz as seducing as 2day's women look,these pipo stil go ahead 2 have sex wid dea felow men

  4. Jacek Ka says:

    fascists. shame on you uganda. uganda is shame for the world.

  5. Jacek Ka says:

    gay rights are human rights. homosexuality is good. uganda and nigeria is homphobic and full of hate, Uganda is shame for africa and humanity

  6. Jhong says:

    What is done behind closed doors between two consenting and mature adults should not be the business of the State. This is an utterly deplorable and draconian law.

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