BUSTED: 2 gay men caught having SEX in a hotel room (PHOTOS)

by Zara Mustapha


Barely two weeks after Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni, signed the anti-gay law into bill, two Ugandan gay men were caught in a hotel by a lodging attendant having sex.

According to reports, sexual moans were heard about 20 minutes  after the men had checked into the room they had booked at the hotel. The police were alerted by the lodging attendant who heard the men from a distance.

They were busted shortly after police arrived at the scene.




  1. The hotel owner and staff are the real criminals here…and the shame of persecution of minorities is on you, Uganda.

  2. gay rights are human rights. homosexuality is good. uganda and nigeria is homphobic and full of hate, Uganda is shame for africa and humanity

  3. What is done behind closed doors between two consenting and mature adults should not be the business of the State. This is an utterly deplorable and draconian law.