Chinedu Ekeke: “You cannot change the PDP, the PDP will change you” (Part 1)

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3 Responses

  1. Kabolobari says:

    I am waiting for a second installment to this piece.

    When I sought moral justification for Ohimai’s money-manipulated move, I was harshly criticized by his fans.

    Whatever I could’ve said is expressed succinctly in your article. The economy is one thing, otherwise the Internet should be in the hands of every 18-year old! The youth only needs information; the right stuff!

    Nigeria dies on a lack of proper eduformation!


  2. Taiyelolu says:

    if you do not join them, how do you change them?…I can only say its easier to be dragged into a pit than for u to drag someone out & considering the sheer size of PDP, can a single Ohimai drag it out of ds pit of indiscipline, non-performance & corruption?

  3. @ejiro_ says:

    All I hear & see are ‘smart’ & ‘intelligent’ Nigerians who know exactly what Nigeria’s problem is & how ‘Ohimai did this’ & ‘tweeted this’……

    Due to a multitude of impressionable young Nigerians, our ‘new age’ activists enjoy undivided attention when they tell us what we already know. So focused is our attention on their lips that we never ask them to tell us what we do not already know.

    “The PDP is shit party”…..I have heard you like I have heard a million other people say the same thing. How about pointing me(us) in the direction of a ‘good’ party? Did I hear you say there is none? Seriously? Why single out only PDP then?

    2015 elections is just about 36 months away, the political opposite elite are busy tweeting, occupying & blogging while PDP has already set in motion its plans for 2015.

    The negative campaign against PDP will never ever win an election or change Nigeria, tangible political engagement & manuveurs just may……

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