CNN interview: “He has lost touch with reality…” – Jonathan comes under fire

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8 Responses

  1. jonathan u are a bad leader.

  2. Boma says:

    Bisi Akande and the rest of you cowards, when OBJ was presindent non of could speak against him, not to talk about abusing him. You all today have seen a quite leader everybody is now expressing them self without borders. GEJ did not in any way create any of these problem. All the money OBJ stole through the power sector, as there is no light today in this country, i expect u cowards to be calling for the prosecution of OBJ. Is it GEJ that carried poverty to the north, poverty for so long has been good neighbors to the northerners, even before the 1999 election, then shehu sanni all of them with buhari, wath did any of you do, nothing. You all are just blabbering waiting for GEJ to call you and give you a post or money. Were GEJ is coming from is there no poverty. I am a young man under 32yrs of age,but is a shame that i’m born into a country were men are cowards and i dont have anybody to look up to. We are not all going to die, if u are not comfortable with GEJ government, please wait for your own tenure.

  3. Oseiwe Ibhagui says:

    With respect to national issues, 99.999999% of Nigerians don’t understand the issues on which they speak and are too filled with huge egos to acknowledge and find things out. E go tay una


  4. Aminayd says:

    Wat on earth is really happening to our dear country….you people should speak up fah.

    • Ndudim says:

      @ Boma…in as much as uv made some sense with wat u wrote about GEJ’s opponents or ‘cowards’ as u put dem…let’s not forget d fact dat all wat has been said n is still being said abt GEJ’s adminstraTion is true. It’s alright 2 v a certain admiration for the president, but truth b told..this country has gone into the worst deppression ever recorded since her birth. So I’ll jst advice u 2 look at d big picture n face d reality which is GEJ has let d entire nation down .

  5. DAYO A. says:

    My simple questions for Junaid Mohammed, Sani Shehu and co is: who were those that really entrenched/founded/sustained corruption and misrule in Nigeria? Weren’t the northern elites like Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha and co implicated? Infact there was more misrule and human rights violation during Babangida and Abacha regime than we have now. Nigeria is actually suffering from the decay of the leadership of yesteryears and not just new or peculiar decay caused by GEJ or his immediate predecessor. I put it to all of you that source of the insurgency in Nigeria is the conspiracy of certain northern elites against the rulership of GEJ and in fact any ruler that is not from the north, there’s a general belief that rulership belongs to the north. And of course you all can deduce from an northern elite who once said- “we will make the country ungovernable for GEJ” just because he and his cohorts lost out in the last elections. Looking back, you will agree with me that there was phenomenal poverty between 1987-1998, so why wasn’t there Boko Haram? In fact, the environment now has more opportunities than existed then. Furthermore, GEJ knows that the northern elites are the bone in his throat of governance but lacks courage to fully expose them, which is so unfortunate…Nigeria needs some one that is God-fearing, ethno-liberal and fearless with some great ideas and personality to lead, can that person be YOU?

  6. yes I think Boko Haram is not as a result of poverty or what so ever as the president have outlined but a local terrorist group. I totally agreed with that. But I think he should be more active in dealing with issues like this than Nigeria calling on the world to help us deal with it… according to conspiracy analysis, Boko haram evolve as a result of the Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab incident when this allowed the FBI and CIA to come to Nigeria particularly the North and since then Nigerians have started making Bombs and other detonating stuffs. there are lots that we know but ignorance have makes us ignore the truth and look at what isn't really the cause.

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