Opinion: Why we shouldn’t take Femi Fani-Kayode seriously

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2 Responses

  1. May says:


    All I see in your write up is fear, fear, fear. Fear shrinks imagination and freezes the brain. Why is FFK your problem? Is he the one throwing the bombs for Boko Haram? Did he cause the genocide of the Igbo nation which the Nigerians who are non-Igbo keep attempting to sweep under the carpet?

    Is FFK responsible for the mess that is Nigeria today? Perhaps, he has played an ignoble role when he was in government, but the problems of Nigeria are beyond one person. One person cannot break Nigeria up, just as one person cannot keep it together. Fear will not keep Nigeria together. Only justice will and from all indication nobody is interested in justice so a breakup is inevitable. FFK is right. 

  2. shemmie says:

    what a self deflating malicious write-up! is FFK not discussing salient issues? if disintergration is what will bring peace and progress to this country, so be it!

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