Dead on arrival: The worst new things in ‘Nigerian’ music

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6 Responses

  1. Harvey Dent says:

    Gibberish Talk….
    All Rant…

  2. Nneka says:

    highly subjective… that’s why most of the points here are just your opinion!

  3. Yomi says:

    Easy for every clown to be a music critic these days. Hardly objective esp the P-Square bit. Language bordered on disrecpectful as well.

  4. brendz says:

    whaaaat! please! this is the voice of truth jor! Ore thank you for your forthright and honest write up. yes Naija music is on the up and up bt puhleeeeze they shouldnt force a song to be a hit. if its a natural hit…….case in point #chop my money. Beautiful onyinye was just a lacklustre attempt! and as for dbanj, he makes me feel intelligence is a talent and some pple lack that particular talent. i thot the same thing about davido’s poster thingy,absolute Rot! havent heard Mocheddah’s song so no comment. Thank you Ore

  5. lamzierouge says:

    Gibberish talk? Seriously? Ore u couldn’t have said it better. I totally agree with this piece and every lover of good music would agree. And that mo cheddah track? Plain awful

  6. Music in Nigeria has truly achieved the status being called a career! Now you can actually groom a child towards a profession in music and expect that child to succeed! It’s become a common aspiration among young lads in schools!

    One hopes a platform like can help so many of them succeed! It requires a great deal of work and faith to truly make it… Not forgetting knowledge and skill!

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