Dean Obeidallah: Why President Obama should not be sworn in on a bible

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1 Response

  1. Olu says:


    The way I see it, you swear by the authority you sorta feel accountable to or something precious to you – God, gods like Sango, your life, your mother’s grave etc. The use of the Bible or the Quran is symbolic in linking the person’s belief system to the oath. This belief system (should) underpin the moral values you speak about. Hence, while the US constitution might be the set of laws that is being sworn to be upheld, it is perfectly ok for you to use whatever symbol you want to swear to uphold the constitution. Clearly it would be ludricrous if there was a requirement to use a symbol, but there is no such requirement and arguing that Obama should not swear by something he believes in is sort of pointless in my opinion.

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