Dele Momodu: Special tribute to our freedom fighters

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  • Oge

    Is this dude for real??? GMB and BAT?! Na wa o! Anyways.. Word is cheap!
    Whoever gets there in 2015 should just know that it’s gonna be tougher for that soul than it is 4 GEJ. Times are changing and Nigerians than ever before demand their rights, accountability and sincerity. It’s no longer business as usual…

  • Eyen Akwa Ibom

    I love this piece. I wish we can have something like this more often to keep reminding us of the need to wrestle power from these drunks. Pls also help plead with Buhari to shelve his ambition and join hands with other opposition leaders to produce a more credible and younger leader that will serve a connect to both the old and young, men and women, home and in diaspora. Thanks Bashorun. God bless Nigeria!