Desperate teen auctions her virginity online to save her mother (PICTURED)

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  • Kalapili Alfred

    Brother‘s r killing others u shouldn‘t b disturb says d LORD

  • Adamu Bin Usman

    Oh Allah (s.w.a) dnt let dis stupid habit of legalizin prostitution come into african, nd were dey have may den av d heart to make a change. Ameen. Most u give out ur body in other 2 get wat u want, dey re good pple on dis earth dat can give u charity without u given den any thing.

  • http://yahoo jinang fwangmun

    what a life? Signs of end time.

  • Augustine Anyagba

    “A worthless opportunist” is what I call it. After saving her mum and relocating the next thing we’d hear of her is that she is a super porno actress: what a satanic way 2 acquire fame.

  • http://umarusally@yahoo.comi sally umaru

    I will advice rebecca to get a job instead of prostitution, cos I believe with God all things are posible.

  • sundayajala

    it already written in the bible that things that we never thought wil happen will come to pass,it a symtoms of the end time,please let be watchful n prayerful