Desperate teen auctions her virginity online to save her mother (PICTURED)

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10 Responses

  1. All this are marking the end of the world lets be watchful.

  2. Kalapili Alfred says:

    Brother‘s r killing others u shouldn‘t b disturb says d LORD

  3. Adamu Bin Usman says:

    Oh Allah (s.w.a) dnt let dis stupid habit of legalizin prostitution come into african, nd were dey have may den av d heart to make a change. Ameen. Most u give out ur body in other 2 get wat u want, dey re good pple on dis earth dat can give u charity without u given den any thing.

  4. what a life? Signs of end time.

  5. Arrant nonsense, wat legacy are u showing to other people whose problems are more worse then she nd her mothers own. This is not ment to be on net. She should go to hell evil pupil.

  6. This is strongly child abuse & woman disrespect,.was them did have government & elites welfare in their country?, was there government did help masses?, were is the western countries that propergander for woman rigth? Means it is a legal rigth to a teenaged to auctions their virgin publictily vocally in world bcos want to help some body for his illness? Pls help me clearify these matter.

  7. “A worthless opportunist” is what I call it. After saving her mum and relocating the next thing we’d hear of her is that she is a super porno actress: what a satanic way 2 acquire fame.

  8. sally umaru says:

    I will advice rebecca to get a job instead of prostitution, cos I believe with God all things are posible.

  9. sundayajala says:

    it already written in the bible that things that we never thought wil happen will come to pass,it a symtoms of the end time,please let be watchful n prayerful

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