Opinion: Despite CNN selling gay marriage, I am still against it – This is why

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6 Responses

  1. nudayyah says:

    Nice write up. May God bless U amen!

    • kondo says:

      May the God of heaven and earth bless the writer. For as many of us who call our self christian we need to rise up and conderm publicly this much talk about issue call same sex marriage and adoption .we. Most speak against it and let the public and the world as a whole know the mind of God concerning this matter,which is evil and devilish and let them know that as many people. Who disobey God will end up in hell fire were there will be weepig and gnashing of teeth. God have mercy on country that have already legalize it.

  2. Elizabeth Ekanem says:

    God bless d writer of this piece. I really don’t understand how conveniente it is 4 same sex partners 2 feel good about themselves, 4 dt reason they shld ntot desire child adoption since a child comes as a result of a union of man & woman not from homosexual.

  3. ani says:

    There should be separation between church and state. Those asking for gay marriage are not looking for church blessings, they want the same state benefits afforded to the heterosexual counterparts. Why can’t people make arguments against gay marriage without putting religion into it?

    • Sam says:

      Ani how about, it’s disgusting, nature doesn’t agree with it, we are the supreme being not a mere animal that doesn’t know it’s not OK to kill its own child to have sex with the mother or eats it’s poop? That’s an argument enough for you? You sick filthy human being, and I do feel disgusted just calling you human being.

  4. michelle says:

    i agree with this write up..very nice. @ani whether he is making reference from religion or not doesnt change the fact that he is making a point. Those in support of gay union also make reference from the bible (only God knws wia dey got dat frm).. Hope u knw dat?

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