Did Ronaldo undressa? Meet Miss BumBum who claims the footballer slept with her in hotel (SNAPSHOT)

by Idoreyin Sampson

I guess you all know the story.

Brazillian model, Miss BumBum, Brazilian model Andressa Urach, 25 claims the star footballer slept with her in a hotel room, cheating on his girlfriend. Cristiano Ronaldo, 28, from Portugal and plays for Italian club, Real Madrid, has vehemently denied the claim calling it fiction.

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But we couldn’t pass off this opportunity of showing you the woman behind the scandal.

Till we have an update on this story, that appears to have ended (maybe not), enjoy this upclose photo of Miss Hot Pants BumBum on the beach, colour blocking in a bikini.

Andressa Urach (Credit: The Sun)
Andressa Urach (Credit: The Sun)


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