DISTURBING VIDEO: How vigilante group lynched DELSU graduate and friend in Badagry (Viewer Discretion)

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2 Responses

  1. law abiding citizen says:

    Its so sad dat babaric acts like this is hard to curb. Have Nigerians suddenly become so cruel, unkind and cold?just what is wrong with the psyche of the average man walking the streets now? May God remember the young men for good and may d long hands of divine justice catch up with d perpetrators of dis evil act

  2. Akinwumi Gbenga says:

    The perpetrators of this heinous crime must not go unpunished.The Aluu 4 victims incidence is still boiling in our heart,yet,some innocent students are being killed gruesomely.At this point in time it is mandatory to declare war on jungle justice to prevent the further occurrence of this devilish and inhumane act.

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