Drop-dead gorgeous 36-year-old virgin reveals the secrets to practicing abstinence (PICTURED)

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  • Seyitan

    I agree with Larkita. She is pretty yet chaste. Many ladies loose it bcos dy ar alwayz carried away by dia beauty. Its gud 2 abstain 4rm sex b4 marriage n it is doable. It starts with an individual. U av 2 b determined n also ask God 2 help u. D bible says abstain. We wer instructd 2 do so bcos God knws we can. Chris is so so dumb. He his just out der 2 mislead pple. God wld judge him.

  • prosper

    it’s biblical all unmarried christian should abstain from sex, so on garth side she practice true christianity…………and am happy about that

  • http://www.frederickadetiba.blogspot.com @fredor4c

    Those who did not place any value on their body and could not abstain from sex until marriage will talk down on this great feat. Many have become slaves to sex because they could not wait. Abstinence until marriage is the real deal. Be sure not to also engage in virtual sex while you wait.

  • Victor

    The real Deal still remains Abstinence, the fact that Chris beleives otherwise does not change the fact that it is still Gods standard. The most honourable and sensible thing to do, she is not even the first, countless others have kept the standard. Thank God for this Ladies testimony