Ebuka Obi-Uchendu: The Abuja delusion/illusion (YNaija FrontPage)

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  1. Chukwuma Agu says:

    Ebuka you are a lawyer, a handsome lawyer for that matter. whether the Govt listens to you or not please keep doing the good job , keep telling them the truth. Our young lawyers should be brave like you and speak up. do not be afraid you are a crusader and God always preserve crusaders.

  2. Great article. It's all absolutely incomprehensible :(

  3. Great article. It's all absolutely incomprehensible :(

  4. Akerele Omeiza says:

    Like every other well meaning nigeria I’ve tried to see the good side of this govt but…every single time I try I get discouraged. The presidency down to the state and local government(not sure if the latter still exist) really don’t known what government is all about…I live in benin and for as long as I can remember the the benin-lagos express way has being underConstruction, start,stop,start again..they all seem to be confussed.not until the so called government take responsibility for this whole the country, the nigeria we all wish for we countinue to be an illusion.Brilliant article mr.Ebuka.

  5. Caleb Daniel-Oghenetega says:


  6. Olayemi Esan says:

    Lawyer Ebuka, this is a Brilliant article. But….. what can we do? Our votes counts is the chorus during election but after the election, we are on our own. How many of them travelled by road? How many of them have time to supervise contracts awarded to Our so called Contractors? Do you know that some of these contractors are also in government. They award contracts in their own favour in order to eat the national cake logically. God will help us.

  7. kehinde says:

    I also have tried to understand it. It makes me feel like sacrificing my own comfort to change things.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If only they have ears….

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