Facebook, again: Policeman sacked for posting picture of his genitals on FB (PICTURED)

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4 Responses

  1. demo says:

    it grossly an act of indiscipline 4 a police posting his genital
    Y shouldn’t drop dat job 4 porn film since he gat no shame

  2. zubee kings says:

    dat man is very stupid and irresponsible.hw could he be sending pictures of his stinking 45yr old groin to a female he deserves even worse

  3. ronald othniel says:

    is unfortunate 25years of service is gone this way . is good lesson to those that used to post things that does not glorify God

  4. I just knew alot will lose their jobs and chances of being employed due to silly postings on social networks.I made a comment on my wall advising users to be a bit moral.

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