Femi Aribisala: Apostle Paul was a lying hypocritical Pharisee

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  1. Hajaratu shettima says:

    What an incredible revelation. However, despite this Jesus enjoined his followers to obey and do everything they say. What about this?

    • dele says:

      Usually, when something is beyond our comprehension, we tend to call it revelation. But when it is within the capacity of our knowledge, it is easy to see the folly in it.

  2. dj imortal says:

    God chooses his apostles from different backgrounds of life to do his work. The Lord says who Are you to counsel me? The Lord says the call and gifts of whom I have chosen can never be taken away. Whom the Lord has chosen,he has made right. What hapenned to touch not my anointed? Femi aribisala you have blasphemed big time and the Lord won’t forgive you for this. Every other sins I will forgive but the sin against the Holyspirit,I will not says the Lord.

  3. Dave Abbah says:

    Gentleman I have followed your articles even from the defunct 234 newspapers of sundays. And you dont cease to amaze with your unbelievably myiopic banter with paul’s epistles and life. you have consistently stuck with a bland peripheria and if I must add pedestrian view to all of the Apostle’s work conveniently obliterating the context in which they appear differently – thus creating an impression of deliberate contradictions whereas you are the more confused one.

    Paul always made the distinction between the times he spoke as paul and when he spoke under inspiration of the Lord. His method was to adapt the gospel message to accommodate the cultural context of the peoples he reached. Picking Paul’s sermons out of their situational context to create the illusion of deception is irresponsible writmanship.

    you are not alone in this error there are a couple of folks of similar irk in Paul’s day who wrestled his words as ignorantly as you now do; to whom Apostle Peter gave a stern warning in 2peter3:16 “speaking of this as he (Apostle Paul ) does in his letters. There are some things in those epistles of Paul that are difficult to understand which the ignorant and unstable twist and misconstrue to their own utter destruction just as they distort and misinterprete the reat ofbthe scripture “.

    please do well to heed Apostle Peter’s warnings at least.

    Dave Abbah

  4. Ideal ikhile says:

    These revelations are really shocking.it leaves me at crossroads as a christian,whether to have faith and keep believing in everything the bible says or think outside the box and re-evaluate these bible teachings that have been going on for centuries.But one thing i know for sure is that;”beleiving in a lie for so long doesn’t make it the truth”.All this also brings one question to mind;”if apostle paul was a hypocritical pharisee as the writer claims why then did God chose him?”.Thank you.

    • dj imortal says:

      Pls in the name of jesus christ don’t think outside the box from what christ has taught in the bible. phillipians 3:3 circumcission is not physical,its with the heart.that’s what he was warning the romans about,to the romans 1cor1:19-21 because they seem to be wise in their own understanding,to the galatian he knows their hearts are open to learn and doent want them to be misled. Going to court to settle is exempted for a christian to christian dispute but he went to court for the a enemy of the christian faith that’s what antagonist means ENemy or opponent. God relates with people in their different levels,the only way of settling a thecase is through what the other man can understand. You can read my comments to see all

  5. oche says:

    In all honesty I think this Aribisala or what ever u call him Needs to be admitted to a psychiatric home,I will fit his Bills,I think some more nuts have recently come off . Lord have Mercy on Him .

  6. dele says:

    Femi Aribisala’s article on YNaija and his website are for people innocent of deep thinking and researching the word.

    I read the article and the Bible verses quoted there were all out of context in order to achieve his inference, because he knows an average Christian today will not open the Bible to cross-check if he is right or not.

    He is what the Bible describes as a simpleton and may God forgive him for making a mockery of the letters of Apostle Paul, which were added to the Bible as given by divine inspiration.

    I wanna bet that during Femi’s research on these Bible, he is either high on another divine inspiration (vodka and/or weedy) or has some brainwaves or both.

    I don’t know, if its due to something he is taking or need to be taking, but Femi, do something.

    • dele says:

      “Femi is confused, so he thinks the only way to make it seems he is not confused is to make us seems confused.” Now replace, every ‘confused’ in my quote with ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’.

  7. dj imortal says:

    phillipians 3:3 circumcission is not physical,its with the heart.that’s what he was warning the romans about,to the romans 1cor1:19-21 because they seem to be wise in their own understanding,to the galatian he knows their hearts are open to learn and doent want them to be misled. Going to court to settle is exempted for a christian to christian dispute but he went to court for the a enemy of the christian faith that’s what antagonist means ENemy or opponent. God relates with people in their different levels,the only way of settling the case is through what the other man can understand,the LAW COURT and that goes ahead to credit paul with wisdom from God that yields even to the enemy James 3:17. Forgive those who hurt you; in this case if you judge him then you also judge christ because christ asked a tree for fruit,the fruit refused because itwasnt its time ,JESUS cursed it because he was hungry. To any normal thinking person that tree didn’t do anything wrong but jesus cursed it. Between this action and pauls who will you call a hypocrite. Yes you have to forgive but to people chosen by God he gave them the power to forgive and not to forgive JOHN 20:22-23. I have many reasons to disprove all you said and let you know you are very wrong. GOD chooses his own people for a reason and a purpose. Nobody knows enough to counsel the Lord jesus christ.

  8. charles says:

    wonderful revelation. The bible itself is full of discripances that leaves the readers with thought of it been the hand work of clever men of the old. Paul is not different from this days clergymen that interprete and teach the gospel the way it pleases them. I ve gone through the verses and comfirm the writer to be correct. Refer to the reference before you comment.

  9. A Christian who became a Deist says:

    Mr Femi, I have also read the bible like I wanted to know the truth. I have read some of your writings about christainity and the bible. I would only advise you don’t contracdict yourself within the same circle of the bible. Because you might not know the truth about the Bible within the bible itself. I would suggest you extend your paths into other external areas relating to knowing the truth, afterall I can’t stand as a testament for myself in the court of law, I can only speak for myself.

  10. child of man says:

    The writer simply does not understand .

  11. johara says:

    Scriptures obviously taken out of context, the author is obviously searching but without Gods spirit. The letter killeth but the spirit gives life, search Gods word by his spirit.

  12. Mahmoud says:

    I understand the need to rain insults on this man and while I do not condone is approach to the matter of the discrepancies in the bible, its important to note that articles like these should compel you to study and studying doesn’t mean “read the bible” but also studying the history and lineage of the bible characters because I observed that nobody gave a concrete response to the issues he raised. If you do not study beyond the biblical text, you can’t accurately defend your religion. “study to show yourself approved” not read the bible to show yourself approved.

    • wale says:

      1; Mahmoud I know for a fact that the mere mention of any form of contradiction of the Koran in any form will provoke serious outrage from Moslems all over, they don’t need to go and study the Koran to know if there is any truth in what was written before Femi Aribisala’s house is razed to the ground or Jihad is declared on him (no disrespect to Moslems). In view of that, I do not think that you are in the right position to say any thing about what Mr. Aribisala has written, if he had written about Islam in such manner, would you write what you just wrote?……..think about that. You say nobody is talking on the issues he raised, well no one can cause it will take too long to discuss these issues. My sugestion to you is to go and get a Bible and read the whole chapters he has picked the verses he intentionally distorted from (if you can do that).

      2; We shouldn’t as Christians take the liberty we have in Christ to write and say all sort of things because we cannot take time out to study the Bible properly.

      3; Femi Aribisala for a man of your age and knowledge, I don’t think picking bits and pieces of the bible to justify whatever you think in your mind without reading the whole chapter and understanding what it was talking about shows a sense of responsibilty. One cannot pick half of a sentense and make sense of it. Every Bible scholar knows that you cannot use just one verse from a whole chapter to make a point, your point is made from understanding of the whole chapter and knowing the situation in which the verse was said.

      4; Mr Aribisala you are a very very IRRESPONSIBLE JOURNALIST and should be banned from writting anything if all you can do is distort information.

  13. esther says:

    Mr.Femi,I wonder whether you are aware that the bible consists of chronological events inspired by the Holy Spirit.The holy spirit is a member of the Godhead:Father,Son and Holyspirit,yet they are ONE(GOD).This is another christian mystery that you should not try to understand.Just believe it.Paul was called in his(not with)human weaknesses to preach the gospel.He had a lot to learn in his journey as an apostle.He wasn’t a saint,neither was he a great sinner. To understand the word of God,you need the HOLY SPIRIT to teach you and reveal the hidden things of GOD.You are criticising the works and words of Paul with limited human knowledge.The way you talk about him isn’t a polite way that a christian should wonder at a man of God whose teachings you don’t comprehend.Seems like you are disregarding him totally.God speaks through his anoited servants.Mr.Femi,pray that the Spirit of God directs you.You too,have a calling of writemanship that God has given you.He cannot withdraw it from you,instead glorify HIM!AMEN!

  14. Sam says:

    You are completely seeing the scripture upside down. Even the bible says “the letter killeth” Paul was a wise apostle. In one of his writings, he reveals his secret/tactics for winning people to christ, he doesn’t form an opinion and stick to it with his life, rather, the opinion or step or action he takes per time is based on the kind of people he is ministering to
    When among the pharisees, he acts like one, when among saduces, he acts like one all for the purpose of being able to preach to them

    Finally, when you read the bible, seek revelation, the revelation is what would give you life not the mere sentences in the book

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