Femi Aribisala: Stop being religious, Jesus is not a Christian

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5 Responses

  1. Umar says:

    Indeed the only thing u miss is jesus call for an omnipotence of God which is done by all prophets b4 hm they preach to believe in God and never to associate Him with any one dnt worship any craven image and for weigh jesus with judaism,cristianity and Islam so as u say he is of neither of the first two but did not pronounce islam too but check d balance of theology of what jesus preach and that Islam mind it u will end up at d point u dnt wnt 2 c ISLAM (peace).

  2. motunrayo says:

    Actually the reason why the levite and the priest didn’t stop isn’t because they were in a hurry to go anywhere, but because they were following the judaic laws, that says on a sabbath day you musnt touch an unclean. The samaritan knows nothing of these laws so he helped the man. By law, the priest/levite have done the right thing, but that doesn’t make what they have done the best. And when you say christian, what do you mean, bear in mind that to be a christian is to be christ-like. Many people however may have bastardize these, that doesn’t make them christians, just people who say, but don’t do. In essence, there is a difference between following the jewish laws (judaism or the old testament) and being christ like(new testament). I am not saying the old testament is wrong, but I’m saying it is that which gives us insight to the new testament and the Gospel of christ. Jesus wants us to be Christians!

  3. jika says:

    This piece is quite interesting in that it adequately defines the the average Nigerian alignment to religiosity in clear contrast to the real demands of both Islam and Christianity. Was in a bus to Abuja from Lagos in which 90% of the passengers sang and prayed for over 2 hours. 30 minutes later the driver stopped to carry stranded passengers from a broken down luxury bus of the same company. The energy with which our bus occupants resisted that move was amazing.

  4. o.j says:

    not all who call christ father and work miracles in his name, shall enter the kingdom of God.

  5. Ba'Oba says:

    Nice piece

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