Femi Fani-Kayode asks: Can Obama be trusted?

What is Obama’s relationship with the elemental forces? What is his relationship with God or some lesser deity? What is his source of power and what is his spiritual foundation?

The American Presidential election will take place in a few days time and frankly some questions still need to be answered. I wish that Governor Mitt Romney had put one of those questions particularly to President Barrack Hussein Obama during their last Presidential debate which was on foreign policy. Permit me to put that question here and it is as follows. Why did …
the President bow so low before Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah four years ago during his first state visit to the Arab Gulf state and why did he feel the need to almost touch his toes with his forehead when he did so.

It is a matter of historical record that no American President in the last 200 years has ever bowed so low before any foreign leader, Prime Minister, Head of State, President or monarch. It appears to me to be rather strange that Obama, on his first trip to the Middle East as President of the most powerful country on the planet, should literally prostrate before an Arab King whose country has an abominable record on human rights, civil liberties, the rights of women and religious minorities and where the system of government is a totalitarian and absolute monarchy. Luckily a picture was taken of that celebrated event and that picture really does tell us something about the American President’s mindset. Yet it does not stop there.

On that same trip four years ago, after leaving Saudi Arabia, Obama toured the greater part of the Middle East and Egypt and in speech after speech he apologised to the Arabs for American policy in the Middle East over the previous 50 years. He did this despite the fact that in most of those countries christians, shia muslims and ethnic minorities have no rights at all and even though they have been killed, persecuted and suppressed for many decades. Again he did this even though none of those countries were democracies and even though all of them, except for two, have refused to acknowledge the right of the Jewish State of Israel to even exist. This left a bad taste in the mouth of many at the time and the question that came to my mind was whether the ”Hussein” was coming out of the ”Barrack Hussein Obama” more than the ”Barrack” itself was. Yet whatever anyone may feel about the issue of his touching his toes with his head and his bowing before the Saudi king, as far as I am concerned, President Obama is not what he appears to be. There is far more to him than meets the eye.

A couple more questions will suffice to illustrate this point. Why is it that each time Barrack Obama is about to submit himself for a Presidential election and seek a mandate from his people there is a raging, monumental, earth-shattering and record-breaking freak of a storm which kills numerous people in America? It happened a few days before his Presidential election in 2008 and it is has just happened again a few days before his Presidential election in 2012. Again why is it that on the first day of the convention of the opposition Republican party, both in 2008 and again this year, yet another violent and dangerous killer storm hit the towns in which the two conventions were held causing them both to be partially disrupted? What is Obama’s relationship with the elemental forces? What is his relationship with God or some lesser deity? What is his source of power and what is his spiritual foundation? There is no doubt that he is a powerful orator and that he delivers brilliant speeches that mesmerizes his audience. Yet so did Adolf Hitler and we all know what he was.

I ask these questions because President Obama has supported every anti-christian and anti-faith policy that the American permissive state has thrown up and endorsed in recent years. The violation and literal denunciation of these religious core values, in my view, betrays the unfolding of an illicit,dark, sinister and subterranean anti-Christ agenda which must be rejected by all true men and women of faith. They must be renounced by every christian, every Jew and every Muslim and indeed all those that truly espouse the noble values and virtues of any of the three Abrahamic faiths. They must be rejected by all those that believe in the supremacy and efficacy of a monotheic God whose core values and holistic principles and standards are worthy of emulation and of being respected and cherished. There are many examples of these gross violations of our core religious values but permit me to share just four of them with you here.

Firstly, President Obama has endorsed a woman’s right to have an abortion and he has publically denounced ”the right to life” of unborn babies. Secondly, he has endorsed same-sex marriages. Thirdly, he has consistently supported homosexuality and the rights of homosexuals and lesbians. And fourthly, and perhaps the most disturbing of all, he has endorsed the right of same-sex couples to adopt and raise children. Quite apart from these four Obama has also endorsed all manner of social perversions and deviant behaviour in the name of humanism, ”new age” liberalism and the permissive American state. No true believer or person of faith can possibly accept such practices, endorse such values and still stand right before God. To put the icing on the cake let me make one more point. Rev. Jene Robinson, a vocal and practising gay, whose ordination as a Bishop split the Anglican Church in America into two, was specially selected by Obama to deliver the invocation of the name of God and prayers at the beginning of the inaugral weekend of his inaugration ceremony as President in 2008. What message was Obama trying to send to America and to the world by insisting on this?

Outside of the area of social and religious values President Obama has also failed in the area of foreign and domestic policy. A few examples will suffice. The unprecedented number of drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan which has led to record highs in the number of deaths of innocent muslim civilians, women and children in both countries. The alienation of Pakistan and Afghanistan as key allies in the war against terror. The destabilisation of north Africa and the opening of the door for islamist insurgents in the north African Arab Sahel states and the west African sub-region.

The display of weakness and procrastination before Iran and it’s covert agenda to build a nuclear bomb. The display of double standards in the State of Bahrain and the over-pampering of the Arab Gulf states. The sheer mess that has been created in Syria and the indecision and procrastination of the Obama administration who have abandoned the opposition forces in that country even as thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered by Assad’s brutal regime.The insincerity of purpose and sheer coldness being displayed towards Israel and the indifference to her dangerous and existential plight. The disdain and contempt shown to all people of faith, the evangelical movement, the christian far-right and the vision of the old Pilgrim Fathers that founded the great country that is known as the United States of America.

The removal of the words “God” and “Israel” from the Democratic Party Convention. The disasterous handling of the American economy that has acquired a five trillion dollar deficit in the last four years. The rise of islamic fundamentalism in Mali and Nigeria due to a shortsighted and reckless policy in Libya. The taking of power by the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the rise in power of Al Shabbad in Somalia and East Africa. The inexplicable refusal to declare Boko Haram (the islamist terror group that is bombing and killing thousands in northern Nigeria) as a terrorist organisation.

The gradual turning of America into a quasi- welfarist state where ”big government” reigns and in which the traditional engine room of growth that is known as the American middle class is being systematically weakened and destroyed. The desecration of the traditional family unit and good old fashioned christian values by the adoption of strange and liberal “new age” practices, values and philosophies. The inability to protect the lives of American diplomats living abroad and the lack of firm reprisals after the killing of the American Ambassador and other Americans by terrorists in Libya. The massive foreign debt that America has acquired in the last four years. The huge quantum of cash that America is is now owing China and so on and so forth.

These are just some of Obama’s disastrous legacies and sadly the mistakes he has made in his foreign policy in north Africa particularly impacts on us directly in Nigeria and in west Africa. Let me give you just one example of that. Had it not been for the fall-out of the mess in Libya and the brutal way in which Muammar Ghadaffi, the Libyan leader, was murdered in cold blood one year ago, his Taureg friends and allies in north Africa would not have been inspired and driven to take over northern Mali and create a Taliban-style islamic fundamentalist state there and northern Nigeria would not have been flooded with jihadist footsoldiers and all manner of sophisticated arms and bombing devices for usage by Boko Haram.

With Obama all we see and hear are beautiful and inspirational speeches, a good deal of doublespeak, a failed economic policy and a weak, dangerous and thoroughly uninspiring foreign policy. Worst still all we see in Obama’s African policy is unpredictability, chaos, the appeasement of terrorists and utter confusion. Given this I cannot come to any other conclusion than the fact that President Barrack Hussein Obama cannot be trusted with America or indeed the world for the next four years. In my view he is a very mysterious, strange and complex man and sadly he has proved to be a thoroughly disappointing President.

Consequently my prayer is that Governor Mitt Romney defeats him in the Presidential election which will hold in a few days time. If he does not I fear that the much predicted “beginning of the end” of America as a world economic power may have just begun. With China on the rise, Russia waxing strong, Brazil, India and Japan flexing their muscles and the European Union finally beginning to take shape and find her feet, in the next twenty years the world will be a very different place and America may no longer be “prima inter pares” (the first amongst equals). Only Romney can stop that downward trend. I am aware of the fact that, given Obama’s ancestry, this may not be a popular position to take amongst those of us that are people of colour and that are Africans but nevertheless it is still my position. I may be wrong but at least I have provided some food for thought. God bless America.



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  1. I refuse to believe that Mr Fani-Kayode wrote this. Whilst everyone is free to support whomever, conspiracy theories and cherry-picked information as above is just wrong.

  2. I wish Mrs Clinton is America's president! She was actually my favorite back then. The world is too global 4 us not care about wot's going on around us. Obama hasn't impressed @ all. In all ramifications. Let's keep sentiments out. But in this election, I have no favorites. Good luck to Obama anyway. This article is FFK's opinion, and I think it's finely written. I love it.

  3. To FF-K. You may be wrong but at least you have written boldly and succintly. You have given food for thought especially as you speak of Obama and allude to the anti-Christ in the same breath.
    As far as him bowing low to the King of Saudi Arabia, I really would urge you not to read too much into it; afterall, Obama's family is partially Muslim. Did you not for one moment think that he may have traced his lineage back to the royal family in Saudi Arabia? In that case, the present king is his too and he will bow in obeiance. The only one that will not bow before another is a king himself, and as Obama is certainly not a king, not even a king of America or even this world (yet?) he must bow before kings and not men.
    You speak well about "the beginning of the end" for America. According to economic watchers of the Western world and the growing third world, in the next 25 years or so, America along with Germany, France, The United Kingdom and much of western Europe will cease to be world powers and this will shift to the likes of China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, India and believe it or not, Nigeria.
    Where I disagree with your line of thinking FF-K, is where you ask questions regarding Obama's 'spiritual powers' I daresay he has none. There is such a thing called "huricane season' just as there is harmattan season in Nigeria , and summer and winter in the UK and Europe. These seasons arrive at specific times of the year; however climate changes are affecting the seasons so much so they may arrive early and stay longer or vice-versa. The American Presidential election happens to coincide with the hurricane season or at least a time when storms become stronger and sometimes, fatal.
    I appreciate your opinion, as I hope you will mine. Americans too have different opinions and the world will see their differences when the final results are released.
    Thank you.

  4. This is a ludicrous write-up full of conjecture at the very best and hallucinatory hot air at its very worst. The lowest point being to blame Obama for two tropical storms. I don't always agree with Mr Fani-Kayode, but have always respected the thinking process that goes into his write-ups. Like the gentleman above, I am not sure Mr Fani-Kaoyode wrote this and if he did, I hope its satirical and if not, I am deeply disappointed. By the way I am indifferent to the US election,

  5. This is a very ignorant and dumb piece. There is nothing great about it and he sounds like an upset republican. Well this is an opinion piece. With that said, f your opinion.

  6. With all due respect, were you drunk when you wrote this? This is the biggest pile of bullshit I have ever seen on this blog or anywhere for that matter.

  7. Ridiculous analyses to say the least. This guy, within the same logic with which he has analyzed Obama and blamed him for the "elements of nature", he should also answer questions about whom he bowed to when he was heading those ministries in Nigeria and why things went wrong in the ministries of aviation especially and are still wrong..how much of Nigerian culture was promoted when he headed the ministry of culture? Ridiculous..blame one man for storms and the economic crises that was years in the making; ever heard of climate change?

  8. I feel compelled to scream on this page…"Who wrote this bullshit?" If you don't like Obama, put together facts and sensible reasons why he should not be President. You sound very ignorant and superstitious. So Obama is now anti-Christ? I can't stop laughing…this article comes off as something written by an old, illiterate man from my village. Pls spell his name correctly if that's the only thing you do right!

  9. This is what happens when people have nothing to do at the weekend, they write semi literate nonsense and claim, they are asking questions.
    Can you quote directly when Pres Obama apologised? In which country and the full quote?
    I'm not sure what the mans relationship to elemental forces are but just for balance could you also include a list of hurricane occurrences for the past 10 years in the US and their month of occurrence. Can we then identify the current leaders of the US a the time and draw the appropriate meteorological and/ or spiritual conclusions.
    The legal right to abortion has been in place in the US since the 70's not a single US President since then has sought to oppose or overturn it. Please quote one if I am incorrect.
    Same sex marriage was legalised by individual US states not the US Federal government, please point to the legislation proposed, passed or championed by Pres Obama in this respect.
    The same man who a few sentences ago was apologising and bowing to Muslims is now killing them with drone strikes? Interesting. And Pakistan was unfriendly before now? Or Afghanistan was a peaceful land of milk and honey?
    Procrastination towards Iran eh? Is it the same Iran where people are rioting under crippling sanctions? As opposed to North Korea which under the last US Govt. tested several devices and got repeated shipments of aid? What is the US meant to do in Syria? Invade? Shebi you'll be dragging your well fed body to go and fight in another mans civil war?
    The US economy just went into deficit now? The previous 8 years nko? that one you didn't notice?
    The Muslim Brotherhood won an election, Pres Obama should have somehow nullified that election abi? June 12 style all the way from Washington DC? And when he declares Boko Haram a terrorist entity they will beg for mercy and go home?
    The killing of 4 US personnel in Libya is the personal fault of Pres Obama, so I guess the 43 killed under Bush and the over 200 killed in one incident under Pres Reagan are their personal responsibilities? In the latter case the reaction of President Reagan wasn't to go after the perpetrators, it was to pull out all US troops and personnel and run away.
    he is also directly responsible for the situation in Mali, obviously the Tauregs, MNLA, Ansar el Dine, Malian army and government had no part to play, they were just waiting for instructions from Pres. Obama. Likewise when the Russians invaded Georgia under the last US govt, that was most definitely, absolutely not a sign of US weakness and impotence.
    In conclusion, if you combine strong kai kai with 12 year old superstitious nonsense and a broadband connection you just might end up writing some of the most juvenile crap I've seen on an allegedly educated Nigerians blog in a long time. And my friend there is stiff competition. Well done. Now go and sleep.

  10. My estimation of Fani Kayode has always been low from the time he was minister during Obasanjo regime. He just rubber stamped it.

  11. Fani kayode is an attention seeker. He write-ups whilst always sensational were utter rubbish and idiotic at best. He is phsycotic and very manipulative. He is a compulsive liar. I bet he is doing this for one reason which is to gain attention. And the reason can only be to seek political post in Nigeria. Please do not think for one minute he believe in what he has written. He is probably laughing his head off now. But I hope that he is found out for who he is for real.

  12. I've noticed that in Nigeria, all you need to make the average Nigerian believe that you are intelligent is a reasonable knowledge of the English language. Add the ability to write an article without making classic grammatical errors. Stuff the article with drivel and you have Nigerians applauding you for a "well thought out piece". It's apparent from this article that Fani-Kayode,knows nothing of US foreign policies,doesn't even understand how the Federal Govt of The US works(because the ignoramus is most likely comparing it to Nigeria-a govt that is only federal in name)doesn't know anything about meteorology. And is absolutely in the dark about current affairs,and has a penchant for making wild unsubstantiated claims that don't hold up to the most perfunctory analysis. Yet you have pple applauding him! I'm surprised he didn't blame Obama for the flooding of the lower Niger states while he was at it. Or road accidents in Nigeria. Or Dame Patience's illness. Or cult activity in our higher institutions. And to think that a person with this kind of mentality and warped reasoning was once a Minister in this country! That explains why we are in this mess. Because Fani would rather blame another person busy running his nation for things happening over here. So Boko Haram got their bombs and arms from Libya?He makes all these pseudo-clever statements. You'd think he was in attendance with a tape rule to measure the extent of Obama's supposed obeisance to the Arab King.. Here him quibbling about human rights records? Like Nigeria has a better human rights record. Why am I even bothering with this I gat work to go joor…rubbish write-up. Pompous,jumped-up panjandrum.

  13. I am resisting the urge to dignify this asinine& stupid write-up with a reply. Femi Fani Kayode is a simile of all dt is wrong with Nigeria: superstition, religious& racial bigotry,anti-intellectualism,buffoonery, ineptitude and self-righteousness. How I wish he could burn in the same hell picture he so stupidly painted

  14. This was a man who could not manage a ministry at a time much more managing Nigeria State.. Where is moral in all of these. he should go and a clear himself from efcc and other anti-graft agencies.. Looking for relevance.. RUBBISH..

  15. One good thing about this guy is that he writes; many of us better educated than he is would always fail to write but ever so willing to be a critique. He may be right with his thoughts, and may be wrong. At least his thoughts are on paper for posterity to judge; and where is yours fellow African critiques. Let's get our bums fixed and write something for posterity to put aside FFK's and be informed. Let us wise up, please/ Thank you.


  17. Kirk theres something about a guy who introduces universal healthcare and drone strikes terrorists that makes me a little slutty

  18. To FF-K. The American People have spoken. THEY feel he can be trusted for the next four years. THEY feel he is the one who can turn policies around. THEY the American people have decided they do not have faith in Mitt Romney.
    Show me a president or other world leader who has not made a mistake or mistakes in his/first term and is returned to office to complete a second, or has not reneged on promises made during his/her campaign? No. I didn't think so.
    Before I go, lease note that the anti-christ is not a person. But that's a discussion for another day.
    FF-K, The American People have chosen Barack Hussein Obama…
    You and I will sit and watch and may be come back to this in a couple of years time, should the Lord spare our lives.

  19. To FF-K. The American People have spoken. THEY feel he can be trusted for the next four years. THEY feel he is the one who can turn policies around. THEY the American people have decided they do not have faith in Mitt Romney.
    Show me a president or other world leader who has not made a mistake or mistakes in his/first term and is returned to office to complete a second, or has not reneged on promises made during his/her campaign? No. I didn't think so.
    Before I go, lease note that the anti-christ is not a person. But that's a discussion for another day.
    FF-K, The American People have chosen Barack Hussein Obama…
    You and I will sit and watch and may be come back to this in a couple of years time, should the Lord spare our lives.

  20. A nice rejoinder to an Opinion . I however beg to differ , in that those who respect FFK may read his opinion as Gospel truth, not just opinion
    When in the Public eye ones utterances MUST be measured

  21. A nice rejoinder to an Opinion . I however beg to differ , in that those who respect FFK may read his opinion as Gospel truth, not just opinion
    When in the Public eye ones utterances MUST be measured