Femi Fani-Kayode: The US Supreme Court and same-sex marriage

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6 Responses

  1. joe says:

    Once upon a time, exactly the same arguments were made to say that marriage between blacks and whites was a violation of God’s law. And of course we have “weaker vessel” for women, etc. This column is just more of the same ignorance and bigotry. Dude, you’re behind the curve of history and justice will prevail. You might want to learn how to spell “appalls,” too – has nothing to do with Paul. lol

  2. Ejisioha John-Paul says:

    The American craze championed by Obama and his cronies must be checked before it gets out of hand. It’s long overdue!

  3. Lincoln says:

    Femi Fani Kayode, your passion on this topic is palpable. Many people including me have been wondering in silence where the moral bearing of the world is headed. We all know that when America sanctions an issue, its a matter of time before it spreads round the world, unfortunately. Not that countries will evaluate the issue based on their societal value-not at all. America, being the dominant super-power has a way of forcing their view through the throats of other countries with sanctions and phoney UN resolutions.

    But on this issue of Gay marriages, we had it coming long ago. Only few people discerned it.

    When you asked if America has turned its back to God, I considered the question misplaced. America has never known the Almighty God. A nation founded based on satanism cannot lay claim to knowing God. A careful research into the history of the foundation of the country and its founders would reveal this to you clearly.

    The issue of gay marriages is here. The proponents are resolute. the acolytes are at work and non complain nations would be pressurized to comply in different forms and ways. IMF loans, UN resolutions, Security councils, international development projects are tools to implement their ungodly plans. We are only seeing the beginning.

    In as much as I wish these trends of degrading societal moral values does not see the light of day, my wish is only that of a social network critic. hardly does it carry weight.

  4. Lolade says:

    Soon in the near future, your kids will bring home friends who have and were raised by same-sex parents (Don’t say God forbid). Soon in the near future, your son will bring home his fiancee who was raised by same-sex parents and then you will get worried (Then you will remember God). You will worry about if the girl will ever submit to your son seeing that she will model after the parents she grew up to know. Maybe then, in just about two decades time we all will realise what problems we have in our hands if we continue this madness of ‘equal rights’. If you MUST stay homosexual, stay. If you MUST marry from your gender, DO. Just don’t drag in the kids. Each man MUST learn to live with the consequence of his choice. Since same sex partners cannot pro-create, for God’s sake, stay childless. NEVER you drag in the unborn generation. NEVER!

  5. benet says:

    I wonder how a man sees the ass of another man & screams, “Damn! I luv that ass.” But we are there already.The devil is powerful,give him credit. Let them do with with their body whatever they choose to,for it is obvious we cannot stop them. They scream discrimanatin,homophobia & bigotry. Humanity will soon learn from experience(the most bitter way to learn) that even freedom has a point where more of it does not give commensurate benefits-the point of diminishing returns.

  6. benet says:

    ‘Discrimination’ I meant to write.

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