Femi Fani-Kayode: What amnesty? Please wipe them out!

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  • Honourable paul

    I love this article. Uncle Femi has just spoken my mind. It’s highly absurd to see people killing in the name of religion and they call themselves muslims, shouting Allah’s name when they’re about carrying out their operation. Jonathan should just take the bull by the horn and do what is suppose to be done. He should not just fold arms and watch innocent citizens die… We need a great revolution in this country.. I’m beginning to suspect this Sultan, how can he adopt that motion. Amnesty my foot!

  • http://http/www.9jagossip.com collins obi

    Truth must be told,boko haram must be wiped out of the face of the earth… I don’t see the comparison whatsoever between Mend & boko haram… The later showed there faces,withdrew there arms & embraced amnesty but for boko haram” it is a shame for its leaders of the likes of sheik abubakar (sultan of sokoto) to say fed govt should hand them amnesty after all this demonic faceless group have don to poor & defenseless citizens of this country… Do I call his thoughts were as a result of fear or he’s also a sponsor” well time will tell.

  • http://www.chronushitlist.com Rejoice Chiaka

    Finally, a human being has spoken. Been wondering what they heck everyone is talking about, Thank you Femi you have said what was in my mind and more.

  • Ken Chiaka

    Yes, someone has spoken. Other Nigerians “shut their mouth” because they are afraid Boko haram will attack. May God Bless Femi Fani Kayode