Fuel subsidy scam: Police set to re-arrest Capital Oil boss, Ifeanyi Ubah

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4 Responses

  1. Wani25 says:

    That is rubbish,is it because this man want to contest for Anambra State Governorship election?i can see some hand writing of an XXX in dis plan but my honorable am wishing u a very nice defeat against ur enemies,u are my man i will vote for u with all my families & friends come dis election,carry on d capital man.

    • Eneke says:

      Sir, please don’t be deterred by these cheap blackmail to force you out of the governorship race by the cabal and vampires that have held Anambra state in bondage.and suck the blood. Their fear is that you are self made man and cannot be controlled by the so called godfathers hence their effort to stop you.. Anambra people are wiser and will stand by you to rescue the State. May God be your helper.

  2. obiora iwebo says:

    why would men go to any dirty level imaginable just to destroy another? just like a bolt from the blues, the Charismatic and philanthropic Ifeanyi Ubah has become a factor in Anambra Politics, if all the billionaires and thieving Politicians were to be like Ifeanyi Ubah, Nigeria would be Paradise, for a man who is totally committed to the cause of the poor and the oppressed, a billion Peter Obis and their ilk can never stand in the way of God”s purpose.

  3. kene udechukwu says:

    As we play politics, let us never lose sight of our common humanity and close affinity as Ndi Anambra,Peter Obi has taken Anambra to a terrible realm of destructible Politics, Anambra is fragmented across religious and even ethnic divides because of Peter Obi”s perverse ideas and understanding of politics. if our people had fought him dirty when he came out to contest in 2003, he would have ended up in jail, instead of the Govt. House; “Those that live in glass houses should take heed not to throw stones”.

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