GEJ 2.0: I will go after corrupt governors, he says

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2 Responses

  1. loreal says:

    Mr. President Ʊ have 2 start with urself please. Start by cutting down ur excesses. Remove the log of wood in ur eyes before Ʊ attempt 2 remove the peck of dust in other people’s eyes.

  2. Prince Emma Olie says:

    Bird of the same feds who care about what the president say, he is also a crook so let him stop deceiving us because we know, he is not man enough if he will seat on top and cannot find solution to Nigerian problem that makes him a failure am sorry to say that but that is the fact. Boko Haram killing innocent Nigerians everyday and he can't stop them that means he is not qualify to be there , he should go back to local government level. We need men not women in that post he is occupying.

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