“Honest, zealous, humble”: Evelyn T.B. Joshua opens up on husband (and she’s a beauty!) – See Photos

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4 Responses

  1. sue kayabuki says:

    i have a gift of dreams that come true too. I Have dreamt about people in my dreams and seen them in real life. i warn people too if the dream is that bad. Proof, i dreamt of my brother in Uganda while i was in uk, he was admitted in hospital and was on iv fluids. In this dream this iv fluid was poisoned. i woke up at 2am London time, called my brother in Uganda, he told me he was in hospital and he was on iv flluids. i asked my brother to ask them to stop it and give him oral antibiotics. He sounded real ill and the story continues to my doubting people. Am a born again Christian , brought up in a Christian home, my grand father was a reverend. I do not now the man of God TB Joshua personally, never met him, but i know spiritually he is a God sent prophet. TOUCH NOT MY ANIONTED. People have critisied this man on line out of ignorance, my spirit bleeds within and pray that someday they will face God’s judgement one by one. As for Evelyn, she is a woman of wisdom, she speaks with so much confidence, God bless her.

  2. susan m says:

    tb joshua is a true prophet of God

  3. E MUNGUYA says:

    God showed me who TB Joshua was before i could even see him face to face.Luck are those whose eyes GOD has opened to know that TB Joshua is sent by the MOST HIGH.May God who has called him give the grace to to do HIS will.

  4. Buchule Tshemese says:

    Mama Joshua, u’re so kind and kind. You have a calm spirit. You love and respect Your God & Your Husband. I totaly admire you.

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