“I am dismayed by your lack of vision”: Read the blistering letter OBJ wrote to Margaret Thatcher in 1986

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2 Responses

  1. taiwo says:

    Wow! ……and I thought this man didn’t have a clue , I guess old age now means the same as greed, cos he sits back amasses un-needed wealth and continues on political meandering in the.case of his own country-men. Obasanjo …..U spoke well for South Africa in defence of anti-apathied , Now Brace and Act up in defence of Nigerians against Crippling Corruptiion and blatant Visionless-ness of a clueless Leadership.

  2. benet says:

    Truth be told,we let them white fools walk away too easy for slavery & apartheid. Imagine Germany still being held accountable for the shoah or holocaust against the israelis,but we Africans suffered even worse & today its confined only to the history books.

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