I didn’t choose him, God did: Do meet the world’s tallest teenage girl – and her boyfriend (PHOTOS, WATCH)

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6 Responses

  1. Sam kay says:

    Im about the same height with the dude… This is true love. The girl musst be very down to earth,the dude is obviously confident in himself …wish them the best

  2. sam kay says:

    Awww…this is really cute,she’s obviously down to earth and he is obviously confident win himself.

  3. Love knows no bounds. It is blind and deaf; it doesn’t know measurements or colour…not even size!

    True Love!

  4. ayo says:

    She is beautiful

  5. Ogbodo Samuel says:

    The guy is nice and the girl pretty, nothing too bad in their stature, it is his choice, good luck , dude.

  6. Not bad 4 there 2 both d guy n d girl!

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